So way back when, we managed to make out to the Power Station of Art out near the South Bund area for the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition we had heard so many great things about. The first time I heard of it was through instagram when everyone was posting these AMAZING fireworks performance piece that happened on the day of the opening and that I’m super pissed off for missing ): Yes..those are FLOWERS made of FIREWORKS..WTF!!!! So heading out to see the exhibition was DEFINITELY on our list of to-dos. I’m definitely far from an art critic though I did study art for A-Levels and technically have a Fine Arts degree (in Communications design) but yes…me going to an art show now is like “wow cool..colors..and wait what kind of wire did they use to hang up this poster and ohh let’s take the exhibition catalogue so I can use the layout for reference..” so yeah..really not good at critiquing art (not gonna lie..I couldn’t even properly spell “critiquing” a second ago).

So we moseyed around, checking out all the amazing large scale and 3D pieces then took full advantage of the afternoon light and shadows. We snuck around and discovered a bare rooftop and cool crazy staircase to shoot around. The Power Station of Art is such a fun place to go to even on random weekends when you don’t even know what’s showing there. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have time and if not for the art, at least for the huge wide open space around the museum for a perfect photoshoot/faux music video shoot. The 10th Shanghai Biennale is coming soon, that might be something worth checking out!

P.S. How sick are these Zara faux leather culottes? Just don’t wear them on a really hot day cos the leather waistband definitely gets a little sticky sticky!

The Ninth Wave: Life size replicas of animals on an ark

The Bund Without Us

Birds and Flowers of Brazil | An Impression of the Ninth Wave

Plans in sketch of the fireworks display

Close-up of the 4 seasons

Head On.

Um HOW cute is that old man pretending to feed the wolf?

But first, lemme take a selfie ;)


The Ninth Wave from above

Dat light doe.

True love

Silent Ink

#lookup – we snuck around the buildings and found this empty rooftop to shoot

Baby on the go

Creeping around

Classy #bricksquat

That magical 5pm light..

No need to use a hairdryer when you got that magical wind for my faux music video!

Sweet ramp moves brah! <3



Oh gosh, I’ve crossed the line..straight into grandma territory with this pyjama shirt dress. Okay don’t get me wrong, this is the coolest fucking pyjama shirt dress ever. I mean the flared out cut at the hem, the dark grey denim chambray and the fact that it was practically made for me takes it to next level grandma coolness. I’m totally fine with it too. I’ve accepted that I prefer staying at home on Friday nights to going out partying, prefer drinking a hot cup of tea as opposed to a fruity always-too-sweet cocktail and no one can disagree that there’s nothing better in the world than snuggling with your luvah and fur-baby on a cosy-weather kinda night.

And oh good lordy now on to these shoes! I can’t believe they’re mine. These Comme des Garcons insane buckle shoes are one of those things you see float around on Pinterest and think to yourself “ugh I probably can’t afford these right now so yep let’s just pin these to my Wishlist board”. But no! Not this time you nasty Pinterest materialist monsters, these are finally mine! Picked them up at the always fun On Pedder store on Queen’s Road Central in HK and though they look really tough and potentially ankle ripping, they’re actually surprisingly ultra comfortable and not as much of a pain in the ass to put on as you may think. Amongst all the millions of sneakers I own, it’s always nice to slip on a pair of extremely buttery and special leather shoes like these ones once in a while.

I’ve never been one to want to live out in Los Angeles but Caity Lotz, one of Hogan Rebel‘s ambassador and an actress from LA, has the don’t-give-a-shit attitude that I admire and the laissez-faire philosophy that seems to go hand in hand with living in LA. Everyone wants to go for that cool girl look, the type of IT girls who have that whatever attitude but who always look so great, the girls who have that one thing, that je ne sais quoi that makes them them and I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want to be like them. Everyday I work to embody that Rebel spirit of freedom and creativity.

Watch this video in HD here!