Hers (Converse Margiela) x His (Converse Made in Japan)

Another Seoul trip in the bag! This time we headed out there with our #powercouplez friendz (lolz not) for a couple of days right after a really major tiring shoot in Beijing for Jason’s work. Now that we’ve been to Seoul a couple of times, I always know exactly what shops and restaurants I want to hit up. There were a few new spots that I wanted to check out that I wrote down on this list that was burried so deep on my phone that I completely forgot about it all. NOTE: Next time I HAVE to hit up SOFT Selectshop and that Candy Floss ice cream place which I don’t know the name of! Anyway it was the usual shenanigans of too much eating, plenty of cafe sip sip sippin’ and this trip, an extra dose of soju x1000. We stayed at this super nice and new boutique hotel called Shilla Stay Yeoksam (there’s two locations so take note when looking it up) and I super loved the minimalist, all grey and white room and bathroom. Must take note for future home.

Oh yeah so another #DDTV episode! I know they’ve all been about traveling lately and I’m working on filming and editing more’s a long and hard process when you’re doing it all yourself yknow! I’ve got another one lined up and ready to go for an upcoming post..and dun dun’ll be the first time I’ll be speaking in the video! There was an online video/interview from a major brand that I worked with a couple of years ago that was out on the interwebs and I was SO nervous the whole time, my voice came out completely valley girl and now I’m on a mission to dispel that image/voice. Anyway look out for more posts soon!!!!

P.S. Does anyone else have any other fun/cool/yummy recommendations for Seoul?

Cafe FIN

Okay got a little carried away shooting this set-up…TOO NICE AND YUMMY OMG

That magic hour sunlight

The only photo of that night..

Shooting around the hotel


Shooting a portrait for the cover of The Business Times of No One (just joking)

Uniqlo bandana shirt (very old)

All the Primera for MEEE

Stopped at The Pancake Epidemic at the Stussy headquarters

…very cool..

On to street food in Myeongdong

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory!! – 서울시 중구 명동8가길 7 (충무로2가 66-9) 3층

This is just one of 3 chicken stews we had at “Traditional Korean Restaurant”. That was literally the name of the you can imagine how impossible it is to find the address online now.

Them chicken stews make me cray cray


Dessert at Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe – dat shaved ice doe.


LOBSTER GRILLED CHEESE GOODBYE. At Galleria – 343 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu

Chillin in Hongdae

Gettin ma popcorn on

Must stop by Stylenanda! Picked me up a fancy new coat!

I see you sir!

OMG i’m ready for lunch

OMG and lunch is ready!!! 유가네 닭갈비 at 유가네닭갈비 서울시 마포구 어울마당로 109

Amazing home store (perfect for everyone who LOVES PINTEREST!) – JAJU at 536-16 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Until next time Seoul!



How can you appreciate another amazing round of the Shanghai Biennale (on until March 31st), curated by Anselm Franke, when the main poster itself has a huge huge typo? (See here) Unless I’m missing something and that was on purpose..ugh typos just kill me. Anyway back to the Biennale (and yes I like to pronounce it like bye-en-nee-ul not bee-en-na-lay cos whatever), we headed out to the Power Station of Art again (see our first galavants here and now I’m super missing my blonde hair) to see the show and while I’m not on that art-appreciation level, it made for an inspiring trip and a great weekend.

Lazy weekends lead to lazy dressing and that is exactly what’s going on here. When you grab whatever warmest most comfortable layers you’re surrounded by, you end up with a slightly more bag-lady look than expected. Throw on a pair of badass all black Converse Chuck 70s and you’re ready for more..doesn’t matter..cos it’s a Sunday and relaxing should be the only thing on your list of to-dos.


Okay satisfied!