10 chain necklace

After seeing tons of fashion blogs post about the amazing Givenchy necklace (below left), I was extremely intrigued by the chunky bunch of chains. I’ve always worn chains (below right, taken extremely zoomed in randomly on one random drunken night) but all I have are separate chains of all different thicknesses from all sorts of shops (club monaco, vintage, random etc), some with random charms.

So I decided I would make my own version of the crazy Givenchy necklace. I headed out with my mom and sha to Bead’s World on 34th St and went chain crazy. I thought it would look best with some thick and some thin chains and also decided to mix different colours: diff. shades of gold, black, dark silver and bronze. The Givenchy version has tons of chunky huge pendants and charms hanging off the chains like big crosses and vintage coins but I decided to take on a subtler route and added small cute little charms that me and sha picked out. Now I know it doesn’t look too amazing in that first photo on the right but I swear it looks better with a full outfit, I’ll post a photo soon =D

Of course nothing beats Givenchy:

Givenchy pictures from style.com and givenchy.com.

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