lulz cheesy title, i know, but i forgot to mention on my previous post that that was my 100th post! So instead I will celebrate my 101st post!! Yay me!

Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo men’s shirt, Zara leather jacket, Topshop jeans, Vans Era, Costume National bag

So it’s been the loooooooooooongest time since I’ve updated..but like I said, this past week was hectic! My mom’s still here visiting and staying with us until we all leave back to Hong Kong for good. And omg I finally graduated!!! My graduation ceremony was on Monday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and it really was really gorgeous inside, although the ceremony itself got a bit boring and I got restless and fidgety as usual and having a cold did NOT help at all. But all in all it was pretty epic and satisfying..didn’t get to take very nice photos though – wearing a black mumu type gown isn’t very flattering no matter what size you are.

However, this update is dedicated to a random day that my mom, Sha and I did the usual SoHo routine. We stopped by the usual spots and made a naughty detour to this little cupcake store on Spring street just west of Broadway called Baked By Melissa. The tiny little cupcakes are maybe an inch or an inch and a half in diameter and are 100% goodness. The store is only about a meter (almost 4ft) wide window with the menu nice and big in the front, showcasing the 7 different flavours (peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter cup, red velvet, tie-dye, smores, cookies and cream and cookie dough). I read that Melissa does all her baking in the store’s neighbour Bari’s kitchen, how nice of them to share! The little munchkin size bites of heaven are pretty dang good, sooo good that we ended up getting a dozen to share between three of us. Yep a dozen. All worth it :D We brought our little babycakes to Starbucks to eat…where we kinda shared an egg salad sandwich before we devoured our yummykins.

haha my mom was hungry so this is her happy that she finally gets her sandwich

Our first batch of 6! We actually bought 6 first then Sha and mom made me run out to get another half dozen -.-

Red Velvet!

Peanut Butter Cup – my favourite :D

SOOO good it has a dollop of peanut butter in the center!!!

Whilst sitting at Starbys, we spotted these ZOMG DROP DEAD GORGEOUS heels on this very stylish lady. I snapped up my camera as fast as I could, but this is the only good picture I got ): Me and Sha are totally blanking out as to what designer these shoes are. Does anyone else know? They’re like half dark cream and half black – much like the half two-tone things that Chanel has been doing lately. Please tell me if you know who!! I might look stupid for forgetting but I really want to know!


Also, I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone whose been visiting my blog! Can’t believe I made it to 101 posts AND my last post went beyond 30 comments, my first time ever! Lol I’m such a blog-loser but little things make me happy :D

I promise I’ll be updating really soon again with a couple of new things that I’ve finally gotten round to finishing/making so I hope to update really soon!!!!


Lastly I just wanted to say: is it crazy that I’ll be leaving New York for good in 10 days? I’m not sure if I should be sad, happy, relieved or excited?

  1. YAY
    first comment
    hahah found out through twitter that u blogged!!!!!
    yay u graduated and omg those cupcakes are sooo cute =)

    oh and nice bag!
    ps: 101 post *HIGH FIVE*

  2. Hiii D!
    Just wana let you know I visit your blog too. I completely understand how the little milestones matter :D
    Congrats on graduating! I’m waiting for my turn in a month. Happy packing!

  3. they loook sooooo good.

    wow ten days? guess you’d better not blog and cherish your time outside then? hahaha! can’t wait till you blog in hk. such a bloggable place that one….

  4. Your jacket is so fab!!

  5. yay!! congratulations!! those cupcakes look yummy. i shall spam you if ever i go to NY about where to get these cupcakes and more :)

  6. congratulations on graduating! what are your plans for the near future?
    aww those cupcakes are adorable :)
    i’m so happy for your success! your blog is so fun and enjoyable to read.

  7. yeller could you come home and put some pie on my PLATE plez. LULZZZZ

  8. congrats on the 101th post! and ummm…. where are u going in 10 days for good?!

    btw, the background in my last photos is at my parents backyard in jersey. i love takin advantage of it when i’m over there!

  9. Congrats! I love the mix of items in your outfit. Those cupcakes are killing me right now haha

  10. YUMCAKESSS, Happpayy 101th post copycat :P! no, reely, happay!

    Can’t believe you’re moving out of the country, well at least soon we’ll see HK goodness and all the food you’ll find to show :D oh yes, congratulations on your graduation wooohooo I swear it gets better.

  11. lol@ post title hahaha. cuuute outfit dear x

  12. congrats on the 101 post! i cant wait till i get there. your outfit is so cute. i love it paired with the casual sneakers. you look cute!

  13. Aww congrats on it being your 101th post and for graduating too!! =D haha your blog is always great fun to read. All the photos are fab, combining fashion and food — my two great loves. Those cupcakes look eeeevillllllll…!!!

    heh so fun how you and your mum and sis can just go shopping together and even have favorite hotspots. Can’t wait to check out all the next places in HK when you blog from there.

  14. omg! those cupcakes are so cute and small!
    haha i wish i had my camera on me at all times to take pictures of things i see but it’s a pain to lug it around and you have to turn it on first, so by then the thing you wanted to take a picture of flies by. :[! haha.
    be happy!!! because you’ll come back :D

  15. ooo yeah and savers is a thriftstore :]

  16. mmmm those look yummy but kinda teesing like after one bite you’ll be like well that was that…did u go to NY 4 school?

    x karla

  17. YUMYUMYUMYUM. AHhh those cupcakes look sooo good. And your leather jacket looks soo good on you.

  18. Congratulations on your graduation!! That’s a big deal!!

    That leather jacket, golly whiz…

  19. we ALWAYS get them cupcakes and spend at least 50 bucks for the office – hahaha – i end up eating like 10 of them – GAH!

    well i’m SAD you’re leaving, but am SOOO looking forward to seeing your future work. you’ll be GREAT i know it

    congrats again denise! you well deserved it =)

  20. Happy 101st! I enjoyed visiitng your blog.

  21. Congratz for the 101 post and graduation ! Your blog is a real pleasure to read, love the food & fashion pictures you made ! I’m so jealous, your bag gorgeous !

  22. I love that leather jacket on you! Sooooooo hot. And your mum is soo cute! lol. AND I’d like to eat every single one of those cupcakes…. hahah.

  23. I just hit 100 too hehe =) I love the leather jacket and all that food porn… delicious!

  24. ur leaving to HK? have fun! heard that they have like the best shopping places ever!
    Me LOVE the cupcakes the jacket, the shirt and ur mom haha

  25. yummmm to the cup cakes and double yummm to your jacket

  26. Yummi, I relly would like to have those cupcakes!

  27. lovley look i love the necklace!

  28. First, before I forget; I LOVE YOUR BAG holly crap, you made it! It’s actually amazing, good job :)

    And gah, I have to put on one of those ugly grad gown things soon too.. not fun. But atleast you were aloud to wear nice shoes! :)

    Great pictures in all, ouh! And I love that long zara dress :)

  29. what a lovely post!
    great images!
    your summer dress looks simply beautiful!

    Mi Ji <3

  30. Laura Murphy

    This is random but I’ve recently stalked your blog, I really enjoy it! I’m pretty sure I wore those two-tone shoes the other day, they belonged to a cool girl from HK in the fashion dept. at my uni. I’m not entirely sure but they were something like Margiela? The cream part was a mesh material and they were super comfy. But then I could be completely wrong. oh well!
    Congrats on graduating!

  31. Bonjour !
    first time i come across your blog, so im gonan visit it now :)
    well if you wanna be inspired by my collage or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
    a bientot!
    Boubouteatime xx


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