While I was in New York, Cole Haan invited me down to check out their semi-newly renovated store on Prince Street in Soho and to introduce one of their special collections. The store is the perfect blend of tradition, classic, cool and contemporary. Fitted with tons of natural wood and trimmed with black metal along the fixtures, the interior made me feel like I just stepped into the coolest grandpa’s house, if this grandpa wore seriously cool desert boots and double denim (think Nick Wooster or basically anyone who goes to Men’s Fashion Week). They don’t carry a super wide selection of shoes, especially not for women but when you’re the makers of the perfect classic wingtip or oxford, why would you need such a wide selection anyway.

Cole Haan has taken classic shoe silhouettes and injected them with Nike air technology in their soles, making them seriously THE most comfortable shoes and added a twist to tradition with new materials and inventive colorways. Everything in the store felt timeless yet on trend which is exactly what everyone should be investing in.

I was introduced to the special SoHo-exclusive collection where the shoes are entirely made with the 3M reflective material from Nike shoes (you’ll see pics below). You know that little shiny thing that reflects light, normally found on the Nike tick or along the stripes of your airmax 95? Yep, these traditional classic Cole Haan silhouettes were completely made of that material. This collection is the perfect example of Cole Haan’s incredibly innovative twist on a classic shoe.

The special Soho-exclusive Reflective collection!

This picture shows the shoes with and without flash! Imagine wearing these and walking along the streets in the evening when a car suddenly drives by and the lights hit your shoes and BAMMMMM reflection city! These shoes are only available at the store Soho store.

“These reflective versions of our iconic wingtips and penny loafers were created to add a flash of visual impact to what’s traditionally a black and brown shoe world. It’s the idea of taking a classic shoe and adding a bold and unexpected twist”
— VP of Design, Phil Russo.

These were one of my favourite pairs! Before the final shoe was all sewn together, each shoe is hand dipped to create the little block of colour which makes every shoe that little bit different from the other. Too bad these didn’t run in women’s sizes ):

They had these cute bowls of colourful shoe laces. I think for every pair of shoes you buy, you get to pick an extra pair of laces!

They had a cute little vintage looking photobooth in the back of the store where you could take pics and it would feed to the digital frames hanging behind the counter. I wan’t to take a pic but I was too shy to take one alone :/

Now back at home!

The lovely people at Cole Haan let me pick out a pair from the reflective collection and I chose the Maliya Wingtips in black!

For my extra laces, I picked these thin hot pink ones which pops real nice against the dark grey. Oh and yes I’m going to change both of the laces to pink later.

Flash off!

Flash on!

These shoes are actually really slippery on the sole, so the trick is to just use a pair of scissors and scratch the shit out of the bottom! After more wear, these scruff up real nice.

Is everyone having an epileptic fit yet? hahahaha, well I love these shoes. Both my mom and nanz have a snake-skin version of the Maliya wingtips and they say they are the most comfortable shoes ever because of the Nike air technology. They’re my first pair of wingtips and I can picture them with rolled up black jeans and my bombass leather jacket. Outfit pics coming soon!

Anyway sorry for the extra long post and thanks sosoososososo much to Cole Haan for the amazing shoes! If you get the chance, you should all definitely make a trip down to the store to check out those hand-dipped shoes!



  1. Denise,

    This is a very insightful post. One day when I have the rare opportunity to venture to New York City, I would love to grace this Cole Haan store with my sweet smelling presence. Might I add, you have the most dainty and delicate ankles of this generation’s “blogosphere” – and for that I will forever envy you.

  2. wow, very cool line of shoes, I have recently been living in my Cole Haan loafers, but your wingtips look so nice!! the reflectivity, the contrast laces….i want themmmm

  3. Cole Haan has definitely updated their approach. I remember back then when I associated Cole Haan with the likes of Talbots. Bleck. :P

    Love the oxford shoes!

  4. all of them are so insanely cool!!!!! The bright pink oxfords with the black tips are amazing.

  5. I want the pink shoes above!!!

  6. Ah, awesome! Thanks for sharing these great photographs and suuuuper cool shoes, wide selection or not. I really love the meticulousness of the hand-dipped shoes and how bam the reflective shoes are. Gonna go check the store out when I go back home now xx

  7. coolest. shoes. EVER!!! The reflective is super awesome and love this style of shoe. Can’t wait for your outfit post :)

  8. i liked this post. and the flashing. SO COOL!!!

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