Zara black pants, H&M tshirt and drapey blazer, Lancel Elsa bag, Sam Edelman Zoes.

hehe me and my mama

Last Friday my mom had an event for Lancel Vintages By Studio Harcourt Exhibition at 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui. The exhibition launched Studio Harcourt’s first ever non-portrait project and showed images of some amazing vintage handbags that come from Lancel’s 134 year old archive. I was fortunate enough to be gifted this bag by Lancel (The Elsa Bag). It was also great to finally meet Valerie from Marley & Me and Cindy from Cindiddy, sorry I was being so lame at first guys lol, I guess I was shy :S

heheh Denise Lai and her friends.

The food that was going around that night. Normally at these sort of events we generally like to hover near the food and drinks. That fish finger with tartar sauce was pretty dang amazing and they also had soft shell crab, but honestly, who’s going to eat tandoori chicken wings like that? Obviously, my brother and sister would.

H&M shorts, tshirt and drapey blazer, random DIY shoes, Emporio Armani accordion satchel.

Wore this out to meet up fellow Ladylike blogger, Sandy. So glad to have finally met up since we amazingly have like a million friends in common and she also is friends with half my family pretty much hahaa Anyway we spent the day walking around TST and I ended up getting this super awesome ring from this local store called Chapel:

Only $60hk/~$7us!!

mehhh I just realised we didn’t get to take any pics together! Doh!

I then went to China the next day, just for the day, and randomly scored this (what I think is) amazing ring from some little stall in the giant fakes mall in Luo Wu. It was only $50hk/~$6us sooo cheap!!

And for my last ring (umm, is it obvious that I love rings?) : I’m sure everyone has been dying for that popular Forever 21 two-finger cross ring. I can’t believe that in stores it sells for $5us but on ebay, people are selling that shit for like $40-60us! Such a rip off I swear. I saw it and was like, it’s cool in silver/metal but since I have some spare black wooden crosses lying around I thought, hellz, I could just make my own.

And this probably cost me about..$2.5us! Score! P.S. this will be selling in my online jewellery store soon (yes yes, i’ve been saying soon but i’ve also been very lazy).

I just wanted to quickly point out that I have started a Personal Shopping Service. You’ll notice my mini-banner there on the left menu (under my POP-UP SHOP). Click through and read about it if you want, or if you’re lazy: I’m basically offering a shopping service where if you see something you like on the blog or on someone else’s blog that isn’t available in your country but IS available in Hong Kong, then feel free to let me know and I will go out and get it for you! Of course you’ll hafto simply pay for the product and for the shipping costs but in addition, I do charge a teeny tiny tinsy twinky little baby service fee. Honestly, it’s just peanuts so don’t be shy to email me if you ever see anything you want! You can read more about it on my Personal Shopping Service page.

I’ve also recently added two more things to my POP-UP shop. The Chloe sunglasses are going for $100us and the Jeffrey Campbell Clinics sz7 are $130us. Please click through to see more pics and to get more info! Don’t forget to tell your friends! Tell your mom! Tell your dog!

And lastly, some Obi for you time:

A wonky tongue for a wonky dog!

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  1. dude i love how you made the blazer and shirt work for day and night. how lucky of you to be given a free bag. meh. i don’t even get free food, lol. aw man now i want your glasses even more!! so stylish :DD hehee YA I KNOW RIGHT RE: F21 cross ring! wtf.i found one on etsy going for $5 and i was like, haha yeah sure why not. then i thought about selling it on ebay but i was like…nah.

  2. Ah, you are so freaken talented with jewelry making. Every time I try, I just end up with bloody fingers and broken chains ;[

  3. personal shopping service? oh dear this could be bad, you may become my personal shoes supplier! my bank account cannot take it

  4. yayyy you finally updated!! :DD

    that’s such a cool event you got to attend with your mum!! :) is she like some VIP shopper of Lancel bags or sth?? That Lancel bag is really unique; what luck on your part!!

    That Chapel ring is awessommeee…. I think I remember it from when I was there! It’s like a place that sells a lot of basics/solid colored pieces in a whole range of colors right? and with really quirky accessories… haaaa let me know next time if you’re gonna go back there! XD

    oh noooo are you gonna start charging me too!! :((( haha i love the idea of people around the world helping each other get stuff… it’s like a shopaholics unite sort of thing.

  5. oh YUMM NOM NOM.
    and and and , i am in love with that armani bag.

  6. Loving the look ~ big fan of blazers!! Great idea with the personal shopping service. My frd and I were discussing this actually cos there’s so many things we cant get here in aus. I will most probably contact you when I compile a list of things. How about a dog like obi?? XD

  7. LOL at “Denise Lai and her friends”! Your mom looks like a HK star no less!

  8. dammit! no pictures! ill be back very soon… no worries!!!

  9. Omg your pup is so CUTE! Ahhhh, I love dogs :)

  10. i love your blazer so much, really hope to get 1 but couldn’t find a nice one at here…

  11. foooood! (sorry I’m hungry and that plate looks delicious!) also, I love your diy shoes :)!

  12. yay update!! i’m liking the new rings!


  13. your style amazes me every single time.
    And i thought the first photo was of a celeb at first :)

  14. lovely hairdo denise!!!
    and i want your drapey blazer!! ^^


  15. I can’t get enough of Obi, he is the cutest little dog ever! Woww the snacks at the event look amazing, as do you! You and your mom look so chic!

  16. OMG I so want those pairs of shoes… however… they aren’t me at all. Sighs. MY SIZE TOO. Gosh!

  17. You look amazing as always! I always always always love your outfits. You should wear your hair up like that more often, it looks great and shows off your pretty face. Puppy so cute!

  18. I really love the bag! (:

  19. You look gorgeous at the Lancel event! Flawless outfit!

  20. You lucky girl! Looks like a fun evening :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  21. oh no, you really are selling the clinics. =*(

    nevermind that, your slip on shoes are adorable.

  22. I LOVE the EA accordion satchel! So Celine!

  23. I really like when you put up your hair in a top knot. Its really chic!

  24. there was a while when i had this intense chapel fascination from visiting the online store but it kind of died out because it’s so far away from where i live :( but the ring is so coooool!
    and lucky you for being able to attend the event! you look so lovely!!


  25. i love that cross ring so much <3 very great diy!!!

    look at you at that event on the red carpet like some hollywood celebrity you. lol
    now time to check out your shop…

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