COS sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Nike Airmax 1 runners and Ray-Ban 4171 Erika Sunglasses

Biking around Shanghai is the most practical way to get around. Not quite sure if it’s actually healthy for you though in the typical sense that you’re getting exercise; the street pollution and even just biking behind a dude who’s smoking as he rides pretty much counters any health benefits biking would have. Nonetheless, our bikes are our newest fun thing to do and it so so useful. I’m still pretty new to biking in Shanghai so I’m one of those who lock up their bike an unnecessary amount since my bike is still looking fairly new (easy prey for bike robbers, which are aplenty in Shangers). Weekends are now spent mostly riding around looking at cool shops along Julu Lu and being jealous as Jason gets his Our Legacy fix at Aegis, a super sweet retail spot for men. I’m not allowed to be jealous though, since I do have a giant Givenchy present waiting for me at home in HK, courtesy of BKRM. Yummmmmmy.

Funnily enough, since having to stick to glasses everyday, my designer sunglasses collection has grown like crazy in the last two years. These Ray-Ban 4171 Erika Sunglasses are my newest obsession. They are so damn light and the lens tint is absolutely perfect enough that people can just barely see your eyes. They also came in this super rad tie-dye looking case which is something new from Ray-Ban that I’ve never seen. The frame is also a really special rubber Ray-Ban matte black material and the shape is perfect for men and women, since Jason wore them half the time too! These are my 3rd pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and I doubt they’ll be my last!

If anyone is wondering, I got my bike from Kai Kai bike shop at 615 Wuding Lu.

Started our day off at Cantina Agave for Taco brunch! It was actually quite disappointing but if the hoard of drunk and loud middle-aged white people at the table next to us was any indication, their drinks were actually very good.

Jason says I’m an extremely swirvy (pirate) rider..as shown in frame 3 of this gif…

My Rockie fits in here perfectly :D

We discovered this street that looked like it didn’t belong in Shanghai. Funnily enough, this street is just a couple of blocks from where we live! The rubbish collector really brings us back to Shanghai though.

Wearing a vintage heart ring, Vita Fede Titan ring, Cartier Tank Francaise watch and a chunky chain from Bangkok.

Pitstop at K11! Letting my holographic-like hair bask in the too-hot sun.

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