LOL a little trouble with the 3 minute makeup challenge…

Coolest bunch of people in Shanghai 🇨🇳❤

I just had the most amazing weekend! Jason’s birthday is this coming Thursday so to surprise him, I orchestrated a super elaborate NY Knicks themed children’s-style birthday party on Saturday! But before that, I organized for my sister Sha and her husband Euge to fly over and randomly appear at our front door to surprise Jason! It was perfect, he had some weird inkling that something special might be happening that weekend so the early Friday night surprise from Sha and Euge was the only surprise Jason thought he was getting but BAMMMMM! here we were at my friend Cat’s place on Saturday with the Knicks/Basketball party! We just had some of our closest friends over and we ate TONS OF American childhood snacks, played intense Minute-to-Win-it games (HIGHLY recommend playing at your next house party!!!) and just had the best time ever.

We also managed to finally try Rachel’s Burger on Wukang Road which to much disappointment, was so not worth the hype. The burger was alright tasty but my medium rare patty came basically fresh from a cow and I had to ask to recook it, the buns were barely even warm at all BUT the saving grace was that the fries were seriously so delicious and crunchy and the drinks were really good too! We just did lots of eating this whole weekend: poke at Little Catch, cookies from Strictly Cookies, a second Sunday lunch at Egg (the new menu is so good) and baking our favourite brownies for an upcoming #ddtv #ddskitchen video! Sha stayed a few days longer than Euge so we ended up filming a really funny 3 minute makeup challenge video! We’re pretty sure we’re the only ones who will think it’s funny BUT let me know if you guys like it :)

Jason’s surprise NY Knicks themed birthday party!

A little sneakpeak of the crazy fun Minute-to-Win-it games we played!

*beepbeep* 🏍 scooting around with nanz

OMG Cornbread waffles with cola pulled pork on Egg’s new Spring menu and a classic avo toast with a fried egg!

mmmmmm my fave Hawaiian poke from Little Catch! Sha tried the new octopus poke with umeboshi!

Driving around with Sha and then we went to meet our dad for breakfast, how cool does my dad look? Totally jelly of his Prada loafers!

And this morning, a fun bright early breakfast with our dad at Taoyuan Village :)


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