Weekend strolls (actually more like scooter rides) to our favourite Shanghai version of Hong Kong food, Cha’s Restaurant and wearing my grunge-awesome plaid and leather Karl Lagerfeld jacket (exclusive to Net-a-Porter). It’s looking a little too new and “perfect” right now but this is the type of piece that with lots of wear and tear and a few tough years under its wing, it’ll look like the best worn-in, super soft and grungy classic plaid leather jacket. Easiest way to wear it? Over my usual minimal black sweater and jet black jeans and never forget, layers of jewellery! Now that the weather has drop significant degrees, throwing an oversized coat over this jacket will make everything warm and cozy.

Thanks to the NAP Hong Kong team for the Karl Lagerfeld jacket! Make sure you check out #karlgoespunk on instagram, twitter and weibo!

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