798 UNIT & CO.

Zara red blouse, H&M leather shorts, Prada flats, YSL Manifesto Pouch Edition VII. Jewelry: Forevermark Diamond bracelet (R), Chanel, David Yurman bangles, DIY chain, random skull bracelet, Tag Heuer watch.
Last Sunday was a pretty awesome day. Started off with yum cha with my girlfriends then some walking/shopping around TST. In the evening, I met up with PB to celebrate our 4 year anniversary (dinner was a few days late but better late then never) with dinner at 798 Unit & Co. in Times Square. We’re not ones for anything too flashy, expensive or extravagent so 798 was the perfect chill place to dine. We were reminded so much of some of our favourite restaurants in New York (kinda has the SPITZER’S corner feel) so it was perfect for our little dinner date.

The best way to travel from Central to TST: The Star Ferry.

The awesome lights at the I.T. Outlet.

THE Margiela cowboy boots but in black gradient..for only about $3500 (~US$430).

Super awesome Ash wedges that my friend Carmen wanted to get. They came out to only about $600 (~US$80) I think but I wasn’t a fan of the thin little strappies on the front.

Naughty Julie bought these awesome shoes for only like $400!

My friend Alex’s cool trompe l’oeil felt/paper “Hermes” Birkin.

Testing out floppy hats in H&M…still can’t get over my irrational fear…

Browsing Citysuper…Alex wanted to get chips…

Finally dinner with PB <3
I love newspaper style menus..

He was going to get the Black Angus Beef burger with truffle sauce but they were all out..at like 7:30pm!

Not our table..

Definitely our table!!! These buffalo wings were amazzzzzzzing. It’s so hard to find GOOD juicy yet crunchy buffalo wings in Hong Kong but these were super tasty.

PB’s Italian sausage and mushroom pizza

A package of….

HOEGAARDEN beer battered fish and chips! Sooo yum and amazing and sooo huge PB had to eat like half of it!

We decided to go ALL OUT and ordered the 798 Signature Banoffi pie! This was the hugest slice of pie I’ve ever seen and really gooood too. I’m not a fan of bananas at all but the pie was actually really light tasting and not tooo overwhelmingly banana-y.

All gone!

Got a fun project coming up this weekend and have a bunch of things I need to post about so I’ll see you guys again soon! Bye!

Oh P.S. Did anyone notice anything in my photos? I got a new lens!!!! Finally got myself a 50mm 1.8 and I’m sooo happy with it! It does require a TON of leaning back but it’s all good when the photos come out so pretty :D


  1. u look great in floppy hat~ :)

  2. Happy 4th! HOEGAARDEN beer battered fish and chips?! Sounds SO good right now!

  3. Really gorgeous pictures. Your pictures really draws that eye in!

  4. Hey, hey, hey! Well, first of all, I think you look quite nice in the floppy hat. It suits you and your hair.

    Second, someone told me that people in Hong Kong eat out a LOT. Is this true? Like, there is a big restaurant culture there? Idk why I’m curious — I suppose I’ve been fantasizing about traveling lately.


  6. omg…HOEGAARDEN BEER BATTERED FISH AND CHIPS?! i’ve been wanting hoegaarden ever since discovering it in France T_T!!!

  7. what’s the irrational fear you have?

  8. H&M floppy hats! Must buy! I want it in black & tan <3

  9. ahhh love the I.T outlet.. haha miss it!!

  10. You look gorgeous in red- I saw a shirt by Equipment at Laney in that firey red and I want it! Unfortunately people around me will have to wear sunglasses. :P

    Have you tried 798’s oxtail risotto? It’s good!

  11. You look stunning in that hat!!! We are going to work on this fear. Will start slowly maybe by wearing the hat around my flat on our Sunday brunch parties then we can wear them when we go down to buy some haagen dartz icecream in wellcome, then ….. TBC :) I have faith

  12. Two things: red blouse and floppy hat! Looking fabulous!!
    I gotta jot down all these places you eat at. Looks so good.


  13. I loveeeed the margiela boots!!!! Is there a way you could get them for me? Lol

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