APC bomber jacket, ASOS White Rhomper, Sunnies Studios sunglasses and Nike Sock Dart sneakers.

Oh goodness, it’s been five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred years since I last posted. I’m getting so bad at this but I promise I’ll try to keep up. I have so many posts backed up just waiting to be edited and posted! Like this post…these photos were from July 2016, almost a year ago but they’re too good not to share! One random Sunday, we decided to check out all the beautiful cherry blossom-type trees out in Fuxing Park. I didn’t realize that this park is HUGE and there are so many side paths to walk along, like the canopy covered lanes and the open fields. The only sucky thing is that most parks here in Shanghai don’t allow dogs..it’s like WHAT’S THE POINT THEN GAWD.

Wow these pics are from so long ago, I just noticed my hair is so short here! It’s getting very long now..am thinking what should I do to it next..after just curling it into a poof 6 months ago, I’m thinking of a change already. Any ideas? Years later I’m still wearing these Sunnies all the time tho, love them! Actually just brought them to Paris too! I have such an extensive sunglasses collection..but am too lazy to wear contacts so thinking if I should bite the bullet and totally invest in changing all my sunglasses lenses to prescription..might be expensive but definitely worth it if it means I get to wear all my favorite pieces! Okay will keep you posted haha.

HOWWW boss level are these guys


Tons of old people in the parks practise old calligraphy simply with a huge brush and water..after a few minutes the sun dries it up!

Ending the day right: at Have a Good Time!

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