Let me start with what I had for breakfast today.

Peanut Butter sammy with the edges ripped off, saved for me to eat later, English Breakfast Tea and my trusty lappy.

Today so far my day has consisted of waking up early (11am) and getting straight to work. I have exactly 8 days until my last Portfolio presentation, 22 days until my graduation ceremony and I will be walking through Pratt Institute gates just 5 more times. Seems scary but exciting at the same time.

Lux rhomper, Repetto flats, DIY studded bag, Rayban Aviators.

Kenneth Jay Lane Peanut Necklace.

The weather has been quite generous to New York lately. Maybe my constant complaining drove the weather gods insane and they decided to listen to me for once. It’s a nice and sweaty 28 degrees celsius on average (80F) and the sun is BEAMING down. I better appreciate the warmth now before I start complaining that it’s getting too hot. Oh isn’t my little peanut necklace so cuties? One time at the Met, this security guard was like “WATCHA GOT THURR? A GOLD PEANUT???” lol it was just really funny.

Sad little typewriter/transponsder thingy.

My boyfriend accompanied me to school on a Sunday where he waited around for me for about 4 hours while I had a portfolio critique and so I rewarded him with a nice rainbow sprinkle twist cone. Stomach ache quickly followed after.


Oh and some people have asked about my hair. Yep I did have it lightened..or more like, yes i DID torture my hair through 5 boxes of hairdye. I’ve previously had sections of my hair peroxide bleached at a salon but when I saw Daul’s newly bleached hair, all my memories of awesome blondness came rushing right back at me and this time I wanted to go all the way and do my whole head. The only problem was that I didn’t have $200 to spend at a salon..so stupidly, me and Julie decided to do it at home…which wasn’t a good idea. After using 3 boxes of hairdye/bleach my hair was a multitude of colours (see below). I kept the hair for one day just cos I didn’t want to dye my hair 5 times in one day. So after being embarassed and feeling like a lion, I decided to become sane again and dye it light brown, a colour I’ve never had before. I’ve been basically jetblack/black for almost 4 years now so at least a lighter brown was something different and new.

I can’t believe I’m showing you guys this..but yes that is my colourful hair in all its glory. And yes I am wearing a fur collar that’s almost the same colour as my hair…wtfudge yes? I dunno..at least I’m back to normal now hahaha.


You may be wondering what my blogtitle is on about and well..my beloved briefcase died. I’m sooooo sad because I loved it so much but there really was no way of fixing it. The hinges holding the case together fell apart..it may be because I tried to stuff too much in there but I’m still super super unhappy about it. Luckily, Urbies refunded my full payment (minus shipping -.-) and now I’m considering if I should get it again? I mean it’s only $18 AND urbie has a free shipping deal that ends TODAY. SHOULD I GET IT AGAIN?

  1. Hahaha, I thought the fur collar was part of your hair! And I looked through your website and your art is amazing! You’re so talented !

  2. that ice cream cone + sprinkles is killing me. Sorry about the briefcase :(

  3. what! no way the briefcase died so quickly?! get it again! it’s on sale anyway right?

    my hair (after having been dyed 5 colours by vidal) is starting to go the way of your pre-light brown hair. lol. it’s pretty cool if you look at it from certain angles ;p

  4. oh no! poor briefcase! it was so cute! yes you should get it again, especially for that price?? YES!

    omg poor hair! i once bleached my hair for too long and it felt rubbery and kept breaking off. so sad.

  5. holy moly i can’t believe you went blonde, you’ve got guts!

  6. i actually love the crazy blonde borderline orange colour! you’ve given me courage… that one day in the near future i may do that too. hahaha. i love the breakfast and typewriter photo =]

  7. Yesssss I love the lion hair. I kind of want it now :/

  8. ohhhh ouchies for ya hair! I had some of my hair bleached too… it was like strands of wire afterwards :( looks nice brown! That necklace is SO SO ADORABLE!!! I want it!! And the briefcase is awesome! Bring it back, you know you wanna ;)

  9. oh man i love like, EVERY image in the post :):)
    i think my favourite might be the first .
    & your repettos are gorrrrge .
    im thinking of getting them, are they worth it ?

  10. That is some crazy hair, girl! I hate coloring my hair, but my best friend is a hair stylist, so when she first started she put these chunky blonde parts in and it was not good on me… I feel so bad whenever she perms my hair for free because I;m so low maintenance about hair that I never take care of it or style it.

  11. Oh, as for the UO briefcase — it’s super cute, but if it’s shitty quality, save your money! Invest in one that will last longer!

  12. woman, get that briefcase. meeh loves it.
    and i heart the romper ur wearing.. i hate sf. so freaking cold and depressing. i cannot wait till school is over so i can go back home!!!

  13. I like gold peaNUT necklace and Mr. ice cream sprinkles.

  14. your tea is so close to your laptop! keep it away keep it away!! i’ve had way too many incidents involving tea + laptop resulting in panic and myocardial infarcts.

    that golden peanut is probably the best peanut i’ve seen. i don’t even like peanuts with their aflatoxins and such, but i’ve made an exception for this one!

    you’re also a gutsy lady, loving the crazy colours! i actually thought that the fur collar was part of your hair which led to some confusion at first…i was like “what am i looking at?? that’s one punked out haircut!!!”

    anywho, thanks for stopping by my blog! i’ll def be back awaiting new posts :o)

  15. I love your peanut necklace girl! And wow i kinda like your brown hair! Haha i really thought the fur was your hair until i read further on. Heh & GET THE BAG.

  16. ommggg I can’t believe that was the color of your hair!!! Haha I’ve never actually tried anything funny with my hair (though actually we all should cos that’s the whole point of being young and FEAAHHlessss eh??? Xd) cos I have no idea how to go about choosing a color to match my skin tone. I think they current color you have is pretty good. Haha any lighter and it looks a little like those harajuku gals who purposely tan themselves and bleach their hair (a little scary!!).

    Aww so sweet of your boy to wait 4hours!! That’s really really nice of him ;p and that ice cream looks incredible… anything with rainbow colored sprinkles is awesome. Sorry to hear about the aftermath lol.

    Hmm I really think that UO vintage case is really cool!! At least they do refund it right? Maybe if you REALLY REALLY like it then you can get it again but make it the last time if it happens to breakdown again. And make sure they’ll allow a refund again.

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