a day of my life.. and bow hair!

So I haven’t properly updated in a long while…but here’s a random snippet of my past Friday.

8 a.m. i hate waking up

8:50 a.m. walking to the subway

9:20 a.m. pratt campus, walking to class

I woke up super early at like 7.45 for class..which is never fun. I mean History of Science Illustration, the title itself puts you to sleep and to have to hear a 70+ year old lady blabber on about something irrelevant pretty much makes you pass out. Although, she’s so cute looking cos she’s so old and I really wanted to take a picture of her but the camera on my phone makes a noise when I do ):

1:10 p.m. at Udon West

1:20 p.m. mmmmmm shrimp tempura with curry over rice

So after class ended around noon, went to meet sha at Udon West in St. Marks. One of our many favourite Japanese restaurants sooooo good. We were hoping to catch Bride Wars in the cinemas but couldn’t make it in time haha.

2:40 p.m. walking along broadway

2:50 p.m. piggie cup!

Me and sha ended up walking around everywhere along Broadway and SoHo. I thought this urbie banner was really cool, how the words come together as you walk further down the road. And incase you didn’t know, I love pigs, like I want a pet pig more than anything. So this cup really suited me haha.

——Side note:
How can you NOT want a pig after you watch this:

——Back to regular scheduled programming:

4:30 p.m. h&m changing room
    h&m skirt, urbie thermal, aa cardigan, luna bi from joyce circle scarf, white vans era.

5:00 p.m. cutest uggs ever at david z.

Managed to snap up a sort-of outfit pic. This is in the H&M changing room where I was trying on a $10 skirt. yeah TEN DOLLARS, you guys better head down to H&M before the sale is over. I didn’t end up buying it though.. anyways and this is probably the ONLY time I EVER thought uggs were cute, when they’re about 4 inches long hahaha.

6:00 p.m. dunderdon store on howard st

6:15 p.m. opening ceremony store

After walking down Broadway we headed to the Dunderdon sale. I was hoping to find something good but there was mostly good guy stuff and like a tiny little rack of women’s clothes. They had some cute stuff but the deal wasn’t as good as I thought it would be..maybe I’m just cheap lol. We then headed to Opening Ceremony where they had this Japanese thing going on. Oh man I wanted like maybe 50% of the whole store, they always have amazing stuff but I can never afford it. Man I need a freelance job so bad.

We headed back up Broadway where I scored an amazingly cheap and glorious black trench coat at Zara! I’ll post pics later :) We ended up getting halal food for dinner and pigging out at home while we watched Family Guy on tv.


On a totally different note, a friend on facebook posted a photo of her DIY Bow Hair inspired by Lady Gaga and I INSTANTLY wanted to do it myself and found a tutorial on youtube that is pretty easy to follow and understand:

And here is what I managed to do on my sister’s head:

Excuse the horrible photos and the messy baby hairs..basically I didn’t flat iron it like the lady in the video said and I didn’t use hairspray. But it turned out better than I thought and I can’t wait till Sha learns how to do it so she can do it on MY head!!

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