H&M tee, Zara pants, old Prada flats, Alexander Wang Millie Bag and MiX Pineapple Jungle (so flaming good!!).

Scrunchy pants!!

H&M armour ring, random rings, vintage Tag watch, F21 rhinestone bracelet and COS chain bracelet.

PB’s new leather Vans Era.

Lane Crawford Warehouse is BAD FOR YOU. I say BAD. FOR. YOU. or actually, bad for my wallé (which is how IIII like to say wallet). I am so so so happy that I finally purchased my first Alexander Wang item (the ponyhair leopard Millie bag icydk) and I got it such a great price too! It really was so so so irresistible and there was simply no way I was going home without it. I actually ended up going home with a pair of Marni riding boots as well. It was only from maybe 3 seasons ago (I forget) and was already heavily discounted. It’s so dang difficult for me to buy long boots, seeing as my calves are the size of bazookas, so it was more like I had to get the boots! Photos next time!

Now, onto the necklace. I just got this yesterday and am so in love with it. I didn’t physically make it myself, but I guess you can say that I “designed” it. They are organic-cut Agate stones strung on a neon pink string and is such a huge departure from what I normally wear (metal chains x1000). In real life the stones are more beige-y/yellowy and in the light, you can see the neon string running through them. Every stone is different and some are more pooey, uh I mean “raw”, than others (gross). My mom thought it’d be super heavy to wear all day but really made no difference to me as my neck is now the buffest part of my body from wearing all my metal chains everyday.

They look like little daisies!

If anyone is interested in purchasing a necklace just like this (although no two stones are the same) then email me and let’s discuss!

On Thursday we had a public holiday here in Hong Kong for Mid-Autumn Festival. My family went out to one of the older yum cha places, Lin Heung. The food there is really good (I recommend the sup chao ngao hor) but the wait was a real bitch.


Hahaha at the guy eyeing the ladies cart. You can see in the background the mob of people surrounding a LOL (Little Old Lady)’s cart.

And lastly, of course, my dad being bestfriends with a (dancing) waiter.

The wonderful Laura from Gizzy & Nacho has kindly shared with my readers a 10% off promocode! Gizzy & Nacho is Hong Kong’s first online store that brings us amazing and chic international labels that are not found in any actual stores in Hong Kong. They stock brands like Pleasure Doing Business, Funktional, Mink Pink, Style Stalker (!!!!) and many more!! The best thing is that, since they’re located in Hong Kong (at least in Asia for my non-Hong Kong readers), we now no longer need to suffer those insanely high international shipping costs! Gahhh hurry and get shopping and don’t forget to use the promocode “SUPERWOWOMG” to get 10% off :D


p.s. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway really soon. Hopefully it’ll be ready by my next post soooo…stay tuned!

  1. YES i love that bag! it looks pretty goshdarn amazzzinggg. great buy. dude, if ever i’m in HK you have to take me to that warehouse. or not. depending on my finances, lol. i also kinda loled when you said LOL = little old lady cart -.-‘ hahaha.

    woo yay a shopnastygal (kind of) for asians. finally!

    dudez i cant tell you how excited i am for my MMMs. squee.

  2. OMG WTH- was this in Ap Lei Chau??? What a great find! Omg I am so jealous of your Wang… mine is broken and needs some TLC. I’ll be stealing that from you now that you’re easy to spot around town! kekeke. And I agree- Gizzy and Nacho looks like an asian version of Nasty Gal and Pixie Market! Finally something that doesn’t look Asian tacky.

    (btw I love Lil Wayne- especially that song)

  3. Wow, these kind of places for yum cha are the best! I would have to bring my relatives with me seeing as I can’t read chinese (major fail) Love your Alexander Wang bag, it was the first thing I spotted when I loaded up your blog!

  4. love your new AWang purse. too lovely.

    and the (dancing) waiter picture hahahahaha.

  5. So in love with your bag! I need a longer strap though.

  6. aww, random white guy in dim sum crowd! that was always me. I am missing asian food so much right now. even dreaming about cafe de coral… DYING FOR YOUR BAG. ’nuff said.


  7. this sounds really LOL-worthy but I get excited when I see that you have updated your blog!! hahahaha love the bag btw!!! :D

  8. Omg, I love your new a.wang bag! Perfect for nights out or putting your laptop in for school.

  9. The Wang bag is fantastic, definitely a good choice for your first Wang item. Love it when you update your blog, definitely makes my day :)

  10. Gah your pictures of Lin Heung made me miss the place and reminds me of all the good times I had yum cha-ing in HK. Dim sum outside of HK will never be as good! :(

  11. love your glasses. and the dancing waiter, yeeeehaw

  12. wow that yum cha place is paaacked. and looks like… really hot and sweaty in there. did they have A/C or just fans?? haha

    also, LOL at the commenter who noticed the one white guy in the crowd

  13. your blog is just beautiful girl, I’m a devoted follower from Greece!This leopard bag is amazing by the way!

  14. WOW! that bag is to die forrrrr. love it!

    xx raez

  15. Ahhh your bag is sooo pretty!! Wish I could go HK for the sale, sounds so good.


  16. currently in hong kong, been here for about two months for vacay and i need to hit up that lane crawford warehouse!! where is it??

  17. Amazing outfit! That is a BEAUTIFUL stone necklace. They do look like little daisies!

  18. I ADORE your necklace(and your bag! and pb’s vans!). Its really brilliant, especially with the neon string running through the middle. I’ll have to attempt a diy soon!

    p.s. I was wondering what you thought of HKU, or just universitites in Hong Kong in general! I’m looking to for study abroad in college, or even for all my undergrad since its a very different culture but english speaking. I know you went to NYC for university, but you’re from HK so I would really appreciate your opinion!

  19. Raw crystals and yumcha!

  20. heyy. I stumbled by your blog today and I really love it! I spent most of my day going through all your blog entries haha. I really like your style! Keep up with the good work. :]

  21. ahhh D, where have you been? Needing a dose of your style and pics of HK! Update soon pls!! :)
    lol at waiter~


    okay im done.
    but i love your wang bag.
    and your hair is so pretty.

  23. perfect easy outfit! well, but it’s even more so with that Wang on your arm :D nicccccce.

  24. I luuuuuuuuuurve your bag! I haven’t liked any Wang bags lately and I haven’t even noticed that one! It’s so good! I waaaaant.

    Did you say LANE.CRAWFORD.WAREHOUSE?! Dude, next time I’m in HK I’m going straight there from the airport!

    The last salon I went to recommended Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner http://bit.ly/bFjLBh so I started using that. You shampoo/rinse, then put it on for 10min and then rinse and then use a regular moisturizing conditioner. It’s a protein treatment so you ONLY use it once a week, no more, cause if you do your hair will get stiff and brittle. It’s also important you use a conditioner after too to keep your hair moisturized. I dunno, I hope it’s working :/

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