Opening Ceremony logo sweatshirt, Uniqlo jeans, Nike Liquid Silver Air Max 1 sneakers (similar here), Opening Ceremony OCLA satchel and ASOS coat. Kenzo palm tree knit top and palm tree blazer from Kenzo showroom.

The perfect break in between TOO MUCH walking while in Paris was stopping in at the KENZO HQ for a little tea time and to check out the SS14 marine inspired collection. I was so excited to see the collection up close in person to check out all the details that you easily don’t notice when viewing the collection on a computer screen or even if you’re sitting on the front row at the fashion show. The details are just that small and intricate! The super wonderful Aurore shared all the special things like the “caviar”-full fish bellies embroidered in a skirt or the rubber amusement part keychain details on a men’s shirt. This Spring, think loads of pastels and crazy all over prints like palm trees on textured paint-stroke-like fabrics and more throwback vintage Kenzo inspired big logo tops. Seriously, could Carol and Humberto be ANY MORE GENIUS? Don’t even get me started on the Opening Ceremony collection that just went down the runway last week..and zomg I couldn’t be anymore excited to see the KENZO AW14 show online in a couple of weeks!!

Thanks to my friends at Kenzo for all the love and excited to see what other GENIUS GENIUS things they’ll be coming up with soon! And now..I’m off to scheming to see how I’ll be able to get me one of these magic Kenzo heat sensitive mugs from the recent menswear show..hmmmm (;*´Д`)ノ

Checking out the marine inspired SS14 collection

Rubbery details, inspired by those 3D rubber keychains you get at amusement parks. GENIUS.

3D embroidered details. SO AMAZING.

Can you see near the seam, the “belly” of one of the fishes filled with little beads? They are mimicking fish eggs inside a belly and they really move around! GENIUS GENIUS!

These “earcuff” sunglasses are so cool. They are like sunglasses earrings for people who are afraid of getting real piercings!

I mean omg what! They also made ones with giant drop earrings on the end. So cool.

And this bracelet..looks normal right? WRONG. It’s actually millions and millions of sequins strung together! Reminds me of old school telephone cords and getting them all tangled while you 煲電話粥 (boil telephone congee a.k.a. talk for hours on the phone).

Guhhhh soda can pull top bracelets and earrings! IRIDESCENT ones too!

Some of the fishy menswear!

Kenzo’s latest signature bag, the Kalifornia, inspired by Carol and Humberto’s laid back Californian beginnings in skateboarding and rock culture with a twist of French chic!

The latest Resort 14 palm tree print will be everywhere this Spring, along with everything pastel..

The Kenzo Tiger is still going strong in the upcoming seasons, and why not? The signature tiger is iconic to Kenzo and is a nod to original designer Kenzo Takada’s designs from the late 70s and 80s.

More bright and color prints for Summer!

Um can you say best beach/grocery bag ever?

Clearly, on the way there my hair got attacked by one of them French birds…not

Super cool “marker”” details on a men’s parka

Chatting with the super sweet Aurore in the amazing Kenzo Kourtyard (Getting a little Kardishian up in here)

Snapping photos for the Kenzo instagram! Also Aurore in skinny jeans and timbs? SO COOL! Love the whole Kenzo team!

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