Am still dying for these zip-up creeper boots (L) from FW13 and that dreamy lace outfit (R)!

Oh hi!!!!

This is a million months late but back in November, right before our wedding, we stopped by the amazing Pradasphere exhibition at the Central Ferry Pier in Hong Kong. A couple of nights before, Jason and I were so very lucky enough to attend the opening night where we got first viewing of the perfectly curated exhibition as well as an extremely amazing special performance by Lorde! She’s SOO good live guys. If you ever have the chance to see her live, DO IT. So the exhibition was of course absolutely amazing and just confirmed for myself that Prada will always be one of my favourite brands ever and Miuccia Prada is seriously a genius. It was great to see all the highlight pieces altogether along with great historical pieces from the early Prada years (they started in 1913 guys…INSANE!). The whole exhibition was commemorated into a great coffee table book. Such a great experience being there and I love that Hong Kong is one of the special cities that gets to be the one to host such a momentous event. Just check out the build out for the whole exhibition! Well done Prada and Social Capital for doing such a great event!

Super cute Resort 12 lips print! Remember when James Jean took over the whole New York SoHo store and Tokyo? Loved the SS08 collection especially the ads!

All the insane pieces from FW07…wow

Wasn’t really a fan of these FW14 but they’re interesting nonetheless!

Those FW12 rubber shoes!

I called these the shark shoes…kinda like an outline of a whale shark. Dying for the all black ones ):

The moulds they used to shape the rubber soles!

Ahhhh the chandelier dress ╰(✧∇✧)╯ SS10 was seriously one of my most favourite collections EVER EVER EVER. Seriously, love all of this.

hehehe vroom vroom vrooooom from SS12.

Mohawk shoes from FW09

They had some of the old souvenirs and trinkets that the Prada family had found on their travels that inspired them in the early stages of Prada back in the 1910s and 20s.

The original logo and wrapping paper!


A couple of months ago (yes yes yes I’m always so late at posting things..), accessories gawd OnPedder invited luxury streetwear queen Jayne Min from Stop It Right Now to curate their next Pedderzine which now you can read here! For the launch of the zine, Jayne stopped by Hong Kong for a cool event that I unfortunately couldn’t be in HK for ): and to promote the new Pedderzine, OnPedder held a fun instagram competition where you had to post your best “skater style” and I won! The prize was the amazing Celine checkered print SIRN deck. LOVE IT. Added it to my collection along with the first SIRN Celine deck I got back in 2012!

Hi little plant cuties from #shasgarden!

My super awesome custom #THELAMDYNASTY case from Casetify!


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