If you live in Hong Kong or are following anyone from here then chances are you’ve probably seen a million posts/photos already about the 110 hubbahubba Abercrombie boys who have been prancing around town amping the city up for the big naked opening. It seems like 2012 is the year of AMERICA with a few heritage American brands opening up shop here but none as iconic and as highly anticipated as ABERCROMBIE!

The Abercrombie marketing team sent out a few of these model dudes armed with a limited edition Hong Kong Exclusive A&F Quarterly hard cover book to hand deliver to a select bunch of bloggers and influencers in Hong Kong including myself. The boys delivered the beautifully shot huge hard-cover book with photos by the amazing Bruce Webber (with a nice handwritten note from the man himself) and unfortunately yes, they were all fully clothed when they arrived at my door but posing with a giant book with a giant picture of giant man-boobs and giant 6-packs standing between four half-naked giant male models would just seem a little silly no?

The limited edition Hong Kong exclusive book is a special run of just 500 pieces and mine is #397! HOWEVER, DON’T FRET! The first 50 fans in line who are at least 18 years old will receive the A&F Quarterly as a gift; the remainder will be available with a minimum purchase of HKD 5,000 at the Hong Kong Flagship on a first-come first-serve basis. Fans of the brand are encouraged to line up early; there will be no reprints. Don’t forget to get your naked excited butt down there for the big grand naked opening on August 11th at 11:00am at the iconic Pedder Building in Central!

AMMM (Abercrombie Male Model Madness) outside the unopened store in Central! Models have been hanging out around there stopping traffic and creating havoc to get Hong Kong excited for their grand opening on Saturday!

Watch the A&F Hot Guys run wild for Hong Kong


  1. OMG D, half naked book in the bed….so erotic!

  2. I totally saw them the other day and felt so embarrassed I turned my head and walked the opposite direction. I think I just wasn’t expecting them and I don’t even remember if they had shirts or no shirts but their muscles were protruding through sleeves or the surface of my retina and it was too much. Hahaha okay I am weird.

    p.s sk8, I was in kwun tong and nawmg had no idea the rink was there.

  3. Haha this is brilliant!

    I remember going into their flagship in NYC and I was overwhelmed by the crazy club-like interior in there. Oh and all those super happy half naked models who greet you whenever you turn a corner…yeah and they’re so tall! I am small anyway but I felt like like a dwarf next to those guys!

  4. “but posing with a giant book with a giant picture of giant man-boobs and giant 6-packs standing between four half-naked giant male models would just seem a little silly no?” – loooll just a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    Nanz, do you think I’ll get carded if I lined up? HAHAHAHA

  5. I’ll have to admit that I was very intrigued by the title of this post.
    Mostly because I saw the word “naked”.

    Holy cows!
    So many abs!!!
    I feel the need to work out now! :(
    And that book…so many butts.
    Oh my.
    They’re all so good looking!
    I’m jealous I’m not in Hong kong to be seeing them too.
    I would definitely be all like *gawk gawk* and they would probably feel self-conscious. But it’s okay, I can gawk in a subtle manner too!
    Ahahaha. No, not really. I can’t.
    But looky looky hot male models. WOOOOOH.

    It’s official. I think I’m going insane.
    Well, have a lovely day Denise!
    Enjoy your giant book of good-looking sexiness.

    The Ace of Hearts

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