H&M mesh tank, Forever 21 pleated skirt, Alexander Wang black denim jacket (old season but find an updated version here), Alexander Wang Prisma Biker clutch and Sam Edelman Zoe.

Another crazy busy week in Hong Kong! It’s been a seriously intense past few weeks for me. With a million and one things going on at the same time, everything is non-stop but I’m loving all the craziness and although I’m running on pretty much only 4-5 hours of sleep each night, my energy is still really high and I’m still always super excited about everything. High-energy and a thousand things happening at one time is typical of Hong Kong but it’s the only place where I, some stupid little blogger, would get the chance to meet HUGE FAMOUS OMG designers like ALEXANDER WANG (awangbb~).

JOYCE invited us out to the grand opening of his new store in Harbour City last week and it was your typical yummy canapés and free flow drinks type of event but this time filled with the cooooolest fashiony people in HK (of course 98% dressed mostly in black) and Alexander Wang himself! He was such a cutie (duh, as predicted) and all I wanted to do was braid his pretty hair but he stayed in his little VIP area just wanting to dance and party the whole time while die-hard fans were stressing out trying to take pics with him (uh basically what we were trying to do). In the end, after sweating our brains out in the heat (and standing awkwardly next to him while he flung his pretty hair in my face), we finally managed to get some pics with him before he ran off to drink and dance some more!

All wide-angle looking pics by Derek Ho, others by me.

Die Antwoord for T by

Brian from 8five2

Annie from Mata Hari and Brian!

Oh yah and Hamish Bowles was there too and of course I manage to capture him looking glorious as usual.

With Holly!!

Mata Hari representing! Left: Annie’s ME Heart, Right: Grace Lam x Mata Hari GRACE minibag!

YAY what a little cutie hahaha with Melinda.



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