Random white tee, Forever21 floral white pants, Carhartt army jacket, Topshop Ambush boots, Chanel purse.

This is as all-white as I’d ever go. I don’t think I can really pull it off so I broke it up with some floral pants (the only white bottoms I own) and threw my trusty army jacket over the top. Like I said, blogs are just a fraction of someone’s life and really all photos are so staged and put together so this last photo above is a more accurate depiction of what I’m really like: always a bit unsure and actually quite retarded.

Last week I took a late lunch break and headed up to the FCC to check out the Marc Jacobs SS12 presentation. It was a bit crowded with photographs and reporters so I didn’t really get the chance to see the clothes or the “celebrity models” that close up but the venue was gorgeous and I remembered all the pretty headscarves and cropped jackets from the show back in September last year. There was an area for sitting and everyone was given a cute plate of canapés and pastries, too bad I was on my detox and couldn’t touch any of it ): OH yah, I also redid my hair again last week, it’s a much richer and deeper blue now yay!

All wonderful photos by Sam from Sam is home.

L-R: Vintage Tag Heuer watch, Links of London skull friendship bracelet, sister friendship bracelet, Hermès leather wrap and Tiffany & Co. box chain bracelet.

Some pics from my instagram! Now that it’s also available on android, don’t forget to add me: @superwowomg !!!!

We have a couple days of holiday in Hong Kong this week which is great cos I’ve got tons of work to do at home and hopefully I’ll also be able to squeeze in some time to shoot a new video for ddtv!

Happy Easter everyone ^.^


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