Dad’s Ralph Lauren sweater, F21 denim shorts, H&M men’s laptop case/clutch and Rag & Bone Mallory boots.
Me and my disapproving friend.

WooOoOoOoo epileptic fits for everyone!!!

American Eagle, the land of cute underwear (aerie!!) and the best basics (tank tops and denim shorts!) has finally landed in Hong Kong. Opening their first flagship store in Asia, the new AE store occupies a great big space in LCX, Tsim Sha Tsui. The event was open for shopping but with the crowd, the dim lights and all the drinks spilling everywhere, it was hard to even look for anything to purchase! Of course accessories-hoarding-crazy-lady that I am, I headed straight to the racks of jewelry and instantly spotted some awesome neon and chain braided bracelets and some cute floral fabric necklaces. Lucky for me, right next to the jewelry was my second favourite AE section: the underwear! At HK$250 for 5, the prices are pretty much similar to the US. I’m definitely gonna stop by in the next few weeks to pick up some goodies and i can’t wait to stock up on cute printed underthingies!!! They also have a great men’s section so I’ll surely be picking up some of those PLAID shirts that PB loves so much!

Me julieee

CLN with her sugar coated marshmallow! Clearly my camera is completely shit at taking photos in the dark ):

Nanz, mudder and me!

Me and me julieee

And finally, YES, this pair of Rag & Bone boots is what I got from the Pedder sale last week. After seeing Julia Frakes (whom I love btw) stomping around town in the maroon pair, the second I saw these at the sale I instantly knew I had to get them. At more than 50% off, they were such a steal! They were the first pair of shoes I picked up as soon as I walked in to the sale and after moping about for what was probably more than 2 hours of picking up and putting down a bunch of other shoes, I still walked off with the first pair that I saw.

They are quite comfy for the first few hours cos of the huge platform in front although the slightly curved heel makes it feel a bit wonky but I got used to walking around in them after a while before my feet started to feel like jelly.

Do you think I can still wear these in the summer? So many of my shoes are winter-ized mostly suede or covered ankle boots. I gravitate towards shoes that I can wear fun hedgehog socks with!

woooOoOooO tassles!


  1. A&F is opening in singapore in october. lol. what up asiaaa.

    your shoe purchase reminds me of the fact that i haven’t actually purchased a pair of heels since last year (your shoes are too cool 4 school btw). it’s kind of weird. i love the denim shorts/sweater combo. you look comfeh :D

  2. your mum is so hip! :) she goes for all these events with you guys… *enviiiiousss*

  3. IM GOING TO HK NEXT SUNDAY OMG YAYYY i can go pick up more undies from american eagle then! i love all my christmas ones that i got while i was in the states last year. AND THEN I CAN GO TO MONKI! AND H&M! AND BUY BRANDED GOODS WITHOUT THE TAX! AND DRINK MILK TEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! /thatsenough
    julie’s hair is so cuteeeee.
    ps: those boots were such a steal LUCKY
    pps: you still need to email me when i can go take them pictures!
    ppps: i didnt know a&f was opening in singapore..! wow.

  4. I love your Rag & Bone booties! I wanted a pair for myself, but was not sure if they would suit me. Are they comfy? And i’ve heard they run small, how small? A size, half? Thanks in advance! :)

  5. I seriously love your epileptic fast gifs XD

  6. Aw you look awesome, you always go to such cool events with your sis and mum! I wonder when the UK will get an American Eagle since we have so many American brands here now. Those boots are amazing!

  7. Thank goodness for you and your blog!!!
    I am coming to HK Thursday (after I had to cancel my Japan trip yesterday!!) so I had NO clue what to do and see and where to shop in HK. And now that I have read your glorious posts I have a nice big list of what to do for my 7 day trip!! XX

  8. haha i love that now hong kong even has an AE. i wish there’s topshop and sephora in hong kong. well the sephora in mongkok close down and its such a pain to go out to mongkok sometimes, mleeeh.
    those shoes are AMAZINGGGGG. totally jealous haha ;) they might be a little hot for summer in hk, at least i know i wont survive in those shoes in hk summer, sweaty feeeet LOL. maybe u can look for another pair sandals or open toe shoes :D

  9. I saw AE at Shanghai too- I think they’re trying to grab a slice of the China plate. It was a tradition for my cousin and I to get AE underwear during Thanksgiving due to the sale.. and apparently girls in HK do not wear boy brief styles here cuz my aunt thought my underwear was for some unknown guy in our apartment. LOL

  10. I love your outfit, it’s so simple. Especially love your new hair though, looks so good on you :)

  11. heyyyy its you! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150123364093850&set=a.10150123362758850.298479.106537403849 hahaha those curved heels look a little intimidating but i love the tassle and the detail in the front!

  12. Haha didn’t get an epileptic fit, but had to quickly avert my eyes or I might get dizzy. Loved the effect though, disco!!
    Those boots are mad awesome! Not sure how hot HK is in summer, but prolly yes?

  13. AHHHH!!! AE IS IN HK!!
    HK slightly lost its appeal for me when H&M decided to open in Singapore!
    now i need to go back to HK for AE & the food!!
    damn!! HAHA

  14. Loooove those shoes/boots lady! You’re looking great as always. And I sure missed your posts.

  15. man, i love those boots!! i really liked a similar version of them in military green and i was so tempted to get them when they went on sale.

  16. WOW! There’s an AE in HK now???! :) Super exciting!

  17. Michelle

    Love ur look in this post, so cute! and i love how you used a laptop case as a clutch, i always see cute laptop cases, but my laptops too big for them, now i can actually buy them and use them for something!

  18. I agree with you AE does have great basic stuff, i love their boyfriend jeans so soft and comfortable although i dont care much for the washes, if they were solid that would be better

  19. Loving the glasses and super digging the cable knit sweater!

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