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Yes I’ve been slacking on blogging for the past year or so but let’s be honest, people don’t come here for lengthy chats and insights about (my) life and travels right? They just want to see pretty pictures yah? Admittedly, I’ve seen my stats take a bit of a dip because sorry guys, but everyone’s just getting extremely lazy (me included) and anything that requires leaving the Instagram app is beyond (like you’re basically asking me to stop my life for a second). The ease and convenience of seeing all the cool blog photos and short easily-digestible captions on Instagram just makes reading a blog so long-winded, amiright? For me though, I know about all the hard work and effort that goes into taking photos, editing, uploading, posting and maintaining a blog so I am still a die-hard blog reader and plus, I’m on my computer 90% of my waking hours.

With that being said…here are just a handful of a few outfit and accessory shots from the past few months from my Instagram! Quick, easy and dramatic filtering (thanks to VSCO!) outfits and photos for your quick and easy pleasure ☺ Hit me up in the comments (or on Instagram) if there’s any outfit details you want!

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