The big covered area in the be revealed later

Uniqlo wool sweater, Canada Goose Expedition Parka and Sophie Hulme box tote.

So my dad does this thing where all of a sudden he’ll text or call and say he’s in Shanghai! He actually lives in Sanya, which is in Hainan which is part of China, really south basically right near Macau and Hong Kong. People say it’s the Hawaii of China with all the beaches, resorts and perma tropical weather but I’ve never been so… So on this one particular day, my dad calls, says he’s in town and asks if I’m free to go on an adventure with him to a…! Not just any farm, a SUCCULENT farm!!! My dad is so funny, he says “succulent” so funny, you have to watch it in the video. My dad’s been collecting and growing and creating beautiful succulent arrangements and displays for fun for a while now and he’s actually hoping to make a business out of it soon! But for now, he’ll pop into Shanghai every now and then to head out to the outskirts of SH to this one particular farm and he decided to take me along this time! Of course I had to make a video out of it..and excuse that the whole intro is all about the extra long journey it took to get there (THREE train transfers to the middle of no where AND a sketchy random taxi ride to the actual farm from the train station).

OMG guys but when we finally made it to the farm, all the traveling made it so worth it. This place is HUGE. It’s probably not even the biggest succulent farm around the area but it was huge to me: three giant greenhouses filled with nothing but little and giant succulent plants (AND A SUPER CUTE FRENCHIE!!!!!!). It was a particular cold day but my dad said that on nicer days, there’d be tons of visitors or tourists coming to pick out their own little plants. He told me that the owner of the farm is just this young dude who is really interested in succulents and does this as a hobby.

There was a HUGE covered thing in the center of the main greenhouse and later on the plastic was removed to reveal a humungous mountain of beautiful succulents. You can watch it all in the new #ddtv video!! There were just so many different species of succulents, it was so hard for me to just pick a few. There were some serious marvels of nature, insane geometric shapes and just so many pretty different kinds! I’ll post a photo of my final finished pot that I chose, it’s too dark at night right now to take a cool photo but anyway hope you guys liked the video!



(L) SO CUTE fat claw like ones!

Does this turn into a pokemon??


(L) Those middle lower center ones were HUGE, honestly like almost a foot wide each! • (R) HOW insane is this one?

SO MANY to choose from!!

Okay this species just completely blew me away. HOW is this nature? The geometry and intricacy of the layers and design of this plant is completely out of this world. ALIENS DID YOU DO DIS?

(L) These were my favourite kinds: fat, short and bulbous ones hehee • (R) Another insane geometric one..

HER HER HER HER HER HER guys what does those little inner growth parts look like? her her her her her 🍆 #imalmost30

And this is why succulents are SO COOL. If you carefully pluck a leaf off and just place it in soil, it’ll grow a new one!! Read more about how here.

Insane!! This whole pot was huge too, like almost 2 feet wide!

Can this just be my backyard please?

Had the best day ever. Bye Farm!


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