H&M Dress, random tights, PedderRed buckle wedges.

DIY safety pin necklace

DIY spike cuff, random black studded cuff bracelet, Cartier tank francaise, random gold studded bracelet and black Agatha ring.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo it’s been the longest time since I’ve updated the blog but for a while I was really bored of my closet and had nothing to wear, especially in the sort of in-between-season weather HK was having a few weeks back..and then this last week I’ve been super sick with bronchitis mixed with my usual asthma..and I’m still not really over it yet – still coughing like a 60 year old smoker and it sucks like shit.

ooooooooookay so enough of that complaining. Nothing else has really been going on lately. Well PB finally got a TV for his apartment..it was unexpectedly huge and now makes his apartment look tiny haha. We also got this super awesome Lack TV table from Ikea for HK$249..about US$30 which is dirt cheap. God I love Ikea..and when me and PB go, we don’t do the 500DOS thing..more like we pick out everything we would have in our future giant apartment/mansion.

Oh yah and this H&M dress in these pics are a new-ish buy. It’s kinda hole-y and awesome. I got the largest size cos I wanted to wear it as a dress but the knit is kinda heavy so it gets kinda..droopy after a long wear. Also, the knitted loops keep getting caught on my bag making them pull but I guess the hole-ier the better?

Me and PB new Vans :D

Oh so i finally got a pair of polka dot tights. I’d been looking for these for ages and I never thought to just check H&M duhhhhh. My jumungo thighs stretch the polka dots out so PB thought the dots were HANDS lol.

Typical HK street market in Central.

LOL but did you guys notice this super cute granny???? She’s holding two melons/pumpkins on her shoulders LOL. She was standing there chit-chatting with her GF (granny-friend) for like at least 10 minutes lol

The crowd outside a Wan Chai bar on a Sunday watching the Pacqy fight. Do you spot someone in the crowd????

We went to this really good dimsum place called Che in Wan Chai where they’re famous for these CHA SIU CHAN BAO. No idea what the English translations are but they’re basically like cha siu baos (pork buns) but with the sort of bor lo bao (pineapple bun) outer layer. Too bad I don’t eat pork..but I do rmb back in the day that these are seriously good. For a meal with 9 people, we ordered 15 buns haha.

hehehe baddy.

ehaehahehaehahe..where’d you go there PB!?!?!?

LOL the cutest 2 month old baby. He was constantly in shock :O

Randomly took these shots on the bus on my way to TST. yay for HK. Oh and YAY for bubbley marshmallow clouds :D (Click image to enlarge)

I recently picked up some very awesome supplies to make these new DIY studded cuff and necklace. I’ve worn the cuff a couple of times and since the studs are plastic, they’re not painful or anything and its very comfortable. The necklace is something simple and kind of subtle. I haven’t worn this one out yet but I wear a lot of black so most of the time you can’t see when I wear black necklaces on black tops but this would look awesome worn with a plain white tee.

BTW, I’ve noticed a few people saying that I should start an Etsy store or something for all the stuff I make. Well I’ve been thinking about this whole store thing for a really long time..and I do have something in the works but for now, if there is something you see that you would like, feel free to shoot me an email letting me know which item you like and we can discuss pricing etc. I’m also open to customization..so if there’s something you like but wish it was different in some way, I’m always open to hearing suggestions.

After seeing this CKane for Topshop tote on a couple of blogs I had to make a stop by the insanely awesome Page-One bookstore and pick up a copy myself. I don’t think you get this in America or Europe but in Japan they always have these catalogue-magazines of different brands’ collections and most of the time they come with some sort of free gift. Usually the gift is kinda of shitty quality but I was surprised this CKane tote isn’t toooo bad. Definitely not too shabby for Denise!

AND FINALLY, this sort of thing has been popping up here and there on the blogosphere but ever since I picked up my first issue of Nylon back in like early 2005, their last page has always been my favourite feature. I’ve been meaning to do this sort of thing for the longest time but I’m never at home during the day to get good light.

Also, it couldn’t have been a better timing because the amazing ladies over at Hearty Mag are doing a “Dump your Bag” contest. Click here to find out all the details and to see the amazing prize from Stussy you could be winning!

Warning: I’m like one of those old ladies who carry around everything in their bag. My bag is constantly heavy (sth which PB hates hehe) and I like stealing coins from around the house so that always adds to the weight (hehehe ninz heehehehe). Also, carrying around the DSLR everyday is NO fun for my shoulders and with the studded/metal thing still going strong on bags, my BAG itself is always heavy to begin with -.-

Clockwise from top-left:
Mulberry Bayswater, Purell in Apple scent (YES someone ship over more of these for me?), WESC headphones, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, DIY fluffy cosmetic case (see below), hairpins, dayquill, random mirror, keys, Extra gum, D&G wallet, ventolin inhaler, Hi-Tec pen, l’occitane handcream, Revlon lipstick, Carmex, Loewe cardholder thingie with my octopus card, random Guerlain Idylle perfume sample and Tempo Tissue <3. And now, inside my fluffy monster of a cosmetic bag. (which I made myself..and tutorial coming up soon on Ladylike – check back soon)

Aquaphor sth, Neosporin, Shu Uemura cream rouge, Clinique compact, baby tiger balm, disgusting nail file, baby Tylenol bottle, baby jar of Clinique dermawhite foundation, contacts case, Maybelline define-a-line eyeliner, another Revlon lipstick, Clinique moisture-surge, L’oreal eyebrow pencil and lastly, Clean&Clear Advanced acne treatment pimple cream (this is my life).

Completely gross and disgusting in there no? I mean just look at my nail file..which I actually ended up throwing after I took that picture haha.

And finally FINALLY, the winner of my contest back from like almost a month ago is……………….

(comment on: October 26th, 2009 at 12:44 pm)

whose favourite trend of the season is the Romantic Velvety look and along with the cross necklace that I made, the prize also consists of some awesome mini-magazines from my favourite stores Lane Crawford and from another Hong Kong store called I.T.!!!

I’ll be emailing you soon to get your contact info :D

Obi says “HUH? WHA HAPPUNING??” :D

  1. chan bao!! have you had lai wong chan bao? it’s like cha siu chan bao but with custard. super yummy/a good alternative if you don’t eat pork :-)
    and omgz i have the same watch haha. my parents have pretty much tried every single way to force a watch upon me. sad enough this is the only watch i own ==”
    your makeup bag is adorable! and thinking of nail files/nails…the lady sitting next to me on the MTR today was clipping her nails and it was quite disgusting.
    i go to HKIS. i heard your (ex)highschool is super intense in rugby!

  2. Sa-weet! I never win stuff, this is so exciting!

    That h&m dress looks really nice for the winter, and I feel your pain with the tights patterns stretching on the thighs… Floral patterns stretching to psychedelic goo. Attractive!

    Also, I reckon you should definitely set up an etsy shop, you’ve got a potential customer right here ;D

  3. Great outfit in the first couple of pics! That baby is so adorable. Looks like its gonna chuck any second…. XD

  4. so many thoughts!!….ok…

    i’m completely in love with those wedges – i want to steal them.
    the dress is fantastic, h&m takes too much money off me.
    anyone who doesn’t love ikea is an idiot.
    that baby is sooo cute!
    the black stud bracelet and necklace i would definitely buy(as with so many of the things you make) so put down another vote for an etsy shop.
    absolutely love The Unbearable Lightness of Being – one of my fave books.
    and… the cosmetic bad is very cool, i may attempt to make one.

  5. I love your makeup bag! But I was wondering, why do you carry around a contact case if you never wear contacts…? Haha.

  6. aarrrrhhhh i wan the magazines!
    and i want those polka dot tights tooooo except it’s too hot here to wear.

  7. you don’t eat pork?! uh! you live in HK! lame, girlll.

    hehe ooh that dress looks comfy. i need more comfy slouchy silhouettes in my wardrobes. been wearing too many t-shirts lately. hmm.

  8. When you asked if we recognize anyone in the crowd were you referring to the cute little baby youve been catching flix of in his orange woven stroller? I thought maybe that was him being held by his mum. It looks like his hair from behind. lol!

    I love the h&m sweater and your DIYs are always aaaamazing!

    xo :-)

  9. was going through the post trying to figure out a comment but then that last picture came up and i squealed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  10. first time ive heard about a po lor + char siu bao combination!
    ehh sounds delicious ><
    ps i think people would buy ur diy stuff you should set up an etsy store

  11. Oh wow! I love that studded necklace, it’s fantastic!
    Did it take you long to make?


  12. denise i always have something to say when you post, but i forget by the end cuz i have so much to respond to haha. but that granny with the melons, at first i thought she had a neck pillow on! and yes, start an etsy sisssster! you still never sent me your addy through email! oh and i have a $100 shopbop gift card on my blog you can enter since its all online. hopefully they ship your way, or maybe your readers can enter, cuz you gots so meny! ok, hope all is well! xo

  13. hm.. I agree you should start an Etsy shop. This way I could place an order on either studded cuff/ necklace. HEEE

  14. yo. the weather in hong kong is freaking crazy… I have completely no clue on what’s going on here. it’s ridiculos… hahahha

    what have you been up to???

    you know what? let’s start a strong hong kong blogging community and not be the last city in the world to do this. Email me, let me know what you think.



  15. i think i had bronchitis too!!!… or that’s what i thought i saw on the doctor’s notes. get well soon:)

    ahhhh i miss stinky street markets.
    ahahah@ that face PB makes right before exiting.

  16. Argh you make me feel so homesick! But as always, I love your diys and the photos you take : )

  17. hong kong looks amazing. i need to get there pronto!

    i love the hole-y sweater, definately need that.

    CKane collection here is waaay overpriced. his famous studded leggings was around RM 400; a lot of money when people here consider RM 1 as americans consider their $1. i didn’t get it =( you should get a pair of leggings and diy studs, hey? i’m sure it’d be great like your other diy stuff!

    p.s. you and pb look so good together.

  18. Yeahhh for a blog post! I’m so happy as I’ve been waiting:)

    Love love your oversized dress with those shoesss! And your accessories,I want them all:)

    Yummy buns and I really always love your DIYs done<3

    Congrats to the winner. And yeahhh for for Christopher Kane bag! I have one toooo. Yeaa,I heard its only in Hong Kong or Japan where you can get the bag<3

  19. CHA SIU CHAN BAO??? LOOKS SUPER GOOD! i totally love your sweater dress, i haven’t seen that at H&M yet..??

    yay for the christopherkane tote! sucks its so thin tho =T

  20. Oh weird, I seriously am for sure that there is this mall in Beijing that looks exactly like that mall that you took your photo at. I had to double check your ‘about’ page just to make sure that you weren’t living in Beijing because last time I checked I knew you were living in HK. :)

    Sigh, every time I see you wearing those shoes, I little tug goes to my heart.

    On the other hand, it also does a little tug whenever I see photos of Asian delicacies. I love the Asian pastries compared to the boring ones over here (not unless if you hit up Chinatown).

    Love the DIY necklace!

  21. You definitely should sell your creations! No doubt about that. Heehee did you make up ‘granny friend’ or do old grannies really call each other that?

  22. Denise you look ace. I can’t say anymore than that :) And that baby is so cute hahah! I love that tote! Grr, and your jewlery is greatt

  23. I HAVE THE SAME SWEATER!!! :D Whoo! Sweater twins. LOL. Did I actually just type that out. LOL. Oh dear. I love it, I like how you paired it with all black (I would like all-black ensembles). And the GIF if the baby is SO cute and funny, I actually laughed out loud!

  24. You really do need to get some Dr martens, I think they’d fit your style perfectly. :D

  25. gosshhhhh you always make me miss HK so much. i LOVE your picture filled posts. yeah the dr martens are DEF a US size 8 which is like a UK size 5. cus i’m a 7 and they’re too big for me… but thats why i bought the size up cus the dr martens sizing is all weird haha.

    BUT… unfortunately i’m not home for the winter i don’t think :( for the first time in like 15 years my family intends to spend christmas in the UK. i’ll check to see how much postage is? xxxx

  26. Girl, you look great as usual! I finally know who your boyfriend reminds me of – Penn Badgley (Dan from Gossip Girl)! Love the DIY stud bracelet and necklace as well, how did you make those?!?! And lastly, I totally know what you’re talking about those HK brand magazines. When I went to Asia in 2006, I bought a Bape one and it came with a Milo towel hahah. I’m jealous you got the Topshop CKane bag! Is there anyway you could get another one and ship it over to me and I’ll pay you via PayPal??

  27. wow i love your long posts! such an inspiration~ both when it comes to fashion and blogging! i really like your blog!! i love that black knitted dress from h&m! the details are nice, did you get it from the usual h&m women department? or was it some special department??

    i LOVE the bracelet you made! A~M~A~Z~I~N~G! would definitely be interested in buying from your shop (if you open one)

    (and also i must say… your boyfriend is soo cute) :$ :$

  28. i totally love your photo series! looking good and chic as always <3


  29. ypu’re seriousy the coolest ever, with your kick ass style, badass diys and amazing food posts and GIFS! i wish we could hang out for real, it would be so much fun ^_^

    hope you weekend was awesome!

    xx raez

  30. You’re pretty!

    Love the blog too!!!

  31. ahh i love gifts in magazines! they so want to make me buy it.

  32. i loove your sweater and diy necklace! so cute!

  33. whoaaa love that picture of the purple sky and clouds and boat..

    and i THINK i want polka dot tights but im not sure yet.. either dots or hearts, but i dont know if i’ll wear them.. hmm

    replying to your comment… i work at aritzia now! it’s a canadian store chain i guess, but they’ve expanded to the states recently.

    i love boxy sweaters cuz theyre so drapey and comfy! speaking of which… your dress/top thing from h&m is so cool! i love the pattern/holeyness. lol

    OH, AND IF YOU START AN ETSY STORE, LET ME KNOW!! i want to see what you put up there! i might want to buy somehting :D

  34. LOL I just stared at the crazy baby gif for like 3 minutes…time for sleep maybe:D

    damn I love your posts…they’re so :) always (yeah couldn’t come up with a word…sleep…now…)


  35. Yummm those char siu baos look so yummy. Definitely going to try those next time in HK. That GIF of PB is sweet! Loving the DIY cuff!! I love your posts, they’re always so long which are totally worth waiting for! xx

  36. Such a great post! Love your outfit and that cuff!

  37. HAHAH HANDS LOL!!! the pattern doesn’t look anything like hands to me!

  38. does the clean and clear advanced pimple treatment actually work?? i wanna know!!! please. my face is breaking out all of a sudden and idk why !!): i wash my face, don’t wear makeup apart from tinted moisturiser.
    and i really like your posts! it’s like an all rounder blog!! with food, latest fashion, humour… ^^

  39. o wow wow the bracelet is fucking amazing.

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