Niku Rug by Ma Yansong made for Labradors

Pointed T by Hara Design Institute made for Japanese Terriers

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This is an extremely overdue post from way back from September but I have been really wanting to share these pics from the when we managed to catch the Architecture for Dogs exhibition just before it ended. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious now with how much I’m obsessed with my own dog Sumo, but I love dogs like sfm. There was never a point in my life where my family didn’t have dogs and we even managed to get up to 12 dogs in one house at one point. Like I said, OBSESSED with dogs. So duh of course I had to rush my ass over all the way to the Shanghai Himalayas Museum (whud?!) to check it out.

The exhibition is curated and designed by Kenya Hara who wanted to create architectural pieces for a dog to live harmoniously with humans. Most of the curated pieces from different architects around the world focus around a space where dogs could feel safe and at home and some pieces were created in an effort to help bring your dog to human eye level so you can really enjoy each others company. My favourite pieces are probably the Niku rug (cos hello, it’s a meat rug!!) and the Pointed T little tent just cos Sumo would be so cute sitting under there!

L: WAN-MOCK by Torafu Architects made for Jack Russell Terriers | R: Architecture for Bichon Frise by Kazuyo Sejima made for Bichon Frise

D-Tunnel by Kenya Hara (the curator) made for Tea-cup Poodles to bring your dog up to human eye level

And then there was a human sized version of the D-Tunnel and I instantly became 5 years old.

See how big!! There was even a to-scale human table to show you what it feels like from a dog’s point of view.

From up top!

Inlcuding the photos before this one, Kenya Hara wanted to develop more ways of bringing a dog up to humans eye or social level and created hundreds of miniature to scale tests.

We then went to explore around the area.

VERY cool yes?

And I discovered a rice paddy farmer!


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