art, burgers and 4" heels

On Wednesday we went out to the MoMa for a quick visit. I had to go to check out the paintings I wanted to write about for Art History. Side note: I got an A on my midterm which is wahwahwah cos I only studied like for an hour before the test =D

While we were there I also got to see some work from my favourite favourite artists:

Robert Rauschenberg <3

and one of my all time favourites: Claus Oldenberg.

Pollock isn’t one of my favourite’s but he is quite awesome.


This morning we did a quick trip to Sugar Cafe for lunch. We hadn’t been there for a long while so it was a good catchup with the little cafe. We used to go there almost every other day late night since it’s open 24 hrs. I had a Black Angus Burger with an extra Fried Egg (plus $1?!?!) and French Fries on the side. mmmmm. He had the same thing except his had Bacon on top too.

Posing, of course.

I look really young in this photo.


Sew Gewd.

Medium Rare.


The other day I wore my 4″ Pierre Hardy for Gap Heels =D
Wore them after a hard day of Lumberjacking:

My workshop =D

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