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So people are telling me to update more often..not that my life is extremely entertaining or anything..but well here goes, AND it’s a humungo post (:

September 19th, 2008
We woke up bright and early on this cold ass saturday morning for breakfast with inaya and jeff at clinton street bakery. woot woot. sooooo yum i luf it. I just had a New England Clam Chowder but it was amazing and I shared a lovely Strawberry and Banana waffle with sha sha!

This guy had funny socks. He ate by himself though, sad ):

September 20th, 2008
We had a stupid lunch at ‘inoteca. I mean, it was good…but..not worth it not too great. After lunch me and Mo headed up to Central Park Sheeps Meadow to meet up with Kayiu and the gang! They played frisbee while i sat and froze my butt off ): After Central Park, me and Mo waited for sha and got ice cream!!!!!!!! yummmmm.

White lipstick yes?

Typical New York sunset but hey, it’s purtiful.

THEN lucky for me and sha we went to a Stars concert!! It was absolutely AMAZING! and they played some awesome songs from their new Sad Robots EP! Me and sha had a good spot, 2nd floor right above stage right! Except there was the GROSSEST ugliest lame-o male gay couple next to us making out like never before and stroking each other constantly. w.t.f.

Waiting for like an hour ):

Bell X1 from DUBLIN opened =D

lulz a cutiez guy dressed fancily went around filling the set with roses, turns out he’s the bassist!

Yay stars!!!!

Haha cuties bassist guy

“We’re Stars from Montreal” (:

Oh and something exciting that happened today:
Me and Julia became Co-Presidents for the Pratt Chapter of AIGA along with Jackie and Kayiu as our soldiers!

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