FINALLY, after a couple months of talking and arranging, I am finally happy to tell you guys about a fun little collaborative project between ASOS (the uber amazing online shopping mecca) and a bunch of us HK Fashion Bloggers! Omg I have SO much to say aboutthis awesome project so please bear with me!

The amazing ASOS x HK Bloggers Tea Party was held last Sunday on September 25th with 5 of my favourite Hong Kong fashion bloggers along with myself. The idea behind this unique project was to take the collaboration between social media in Asia and global fashion retailers a step further, from a standard affiliate program to a more subtle partnership.

Apart from myself, the other bloggers included were Sam from Sam is Home, Tania from T Like Bubble Tea, Sybil from The Style Voyager, Christing from Fashion Hedonism and lastly, Geneva from A Pair and a Spare. Along with our mix of styles and backgrounds, the ASOS X HK blogger tea party allowed us to indulge in the tea customs of two distinct cultures: afternoon high tea as enjoyed by the British and dim-sum, a meal devoured over in Chinese customs with friends and family.

The intimate little tea party was held at Tania’s amazing (I’ve used that word too many times already in one post) magazine-like apartment in the heart of Central where it was transformed into a picturesque melting pot of British class with Hong Kong heart. We delighted our bellies in delicious dim-sum arranged on three-tier cake stands, homemade finger sandwiches and rich gorgeous cakes sponsored by Cafe Loisl and Vero Chocolates that were all gobbled down with the help of a variety of English and Chinese teas.

What was the point of this little tea party?
Well apart from getting together with some of my favourite fashion girls in Hong Kong and indulging ourselves silly in sweets and sugar, ASOS provided us each with all £100 for each blogger to select an outfit on their site that best reflected their style. The party doesn’t stop there though. There is also a competition for all of our readers to vote who THEY think styled the best outfit with the budget they were given AND along with the blogger who wins the most votes, a randomly picked reader will also receive £250 (YEP £250!!) to spend on the ASOS website.


Here is a breakdown of what I wore:
Motel floral midi-skirt from ASOS, Perspex box clutch from ASOS, Bolt rings and Screw Spike ring from ASOS, H&M metallic knit, Rag & Bone Mallory hiking Boots and necklaces/bracelets mostly DIY.

SO pretty right? Thanks to Sam, Sybil and Tania for working so hard to make this place look amazing.

Our bench of teas

Some of the behind the scenes! Yep, a video coming soon too!

hahahaha I love this picture of Sybil, Geneva and Sam..all eyeing that huge chocolate cake!

Homemade rice paper rolls

My mom’s tea pots!

LOL I LOVE this pic of us 3!!! Cute story behind it too hahaha

Our lovely JJ from theWanderlister+ stopped by too!

The menu and tags I designed for the party!

Again, love this pic of me and Tania wahahahha

And lastly, Tania’s adorable pup Honey Badger the night before the party, helping us prep with his Cova bowtie!

I couldn’t fit everything into just one post, so there will be more coming up soon! Just wanted to say a huge huge thanks to Sam for working so hard on this project and to Sybil and Tania who also did amazing jobs! Also thanks to YOU, my dear reader for reading up to this point in one of the longest blog posts of my life and also for..yknow…voting for me :D

And this blog post could not be complete without thanking Carmen Chan, super photographer of Hong Kong <3 Outfit photos above by Carmen and a mixture of event photos by me and her but you can probably tell that all the super pretty well-composed ones are from Carmen! Hope everyone enjoyed this extra long post and please don’t forget to vote! It’s all in good fun anyway so please click on the link to check out the other outfits and vote away!


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