AA tshirt dress, random tights, Zara denim vest, Frye harness boots, DIY nanz studded bag.

A better look at the bag that nanz made.

If you’ve been following my twitter I’m sure you’ll know by now that I’m one of the many who are seriously dying for the Acne Atacoma wedges (I refuse to link the website so that it’s harder for you, dear reader, to buy the shoes I want WAHAHAHA JEALOUS RAGE). I seriously check the website everyday to see if they’re still available in my size. I don’t regret that the silver-based ones are now GONE..as I kind of prefer the brown version more as it’s a little less “kua-zhang” (outrageous/obnoxious) and a touch, if ever just so slightly, more wearable. Sigh..unfortunately I have a feeling these may never be mine..unless, by some heavenly touch of god, someone buys them for me or I strike mark-six (the HK lottery)..or..(now this is seriously dreaming) I suddenly get a surprise raise/bonus!

Anyway, since I’m obviously obsessing about those shoes..I was bored the other day and made some patterns from the shoe! I was going for some sort of repeat pattern and kind of liked the new images/shapes it made. I bet that if I never even told you they were the Atacome wedges you wouldn’t even have recognized them! I don’t mean to be modest or think that I’m great but if you like them you CAN use them as long as you ask me first! which is why I’ve added a watermark!

These kinda look like tire tracks no?

This one is my favourite. Is it just me or does it kind of look like a pattern of wolf heads?

Once again, I feel like my blog is dying again! le sigh ): but oh wells!

Oh and p.s. I finally got a job!! A “job” is not exactly what I thought it would be like..I really really am very NOT suited for the 9-6 (or more like 9-7..goddamn HK work ethic) routine. I get so restless and my eyes get so blurry half way through the day and seriously..I’m ever so slightly ADD and I can’t really sit still for 10 hours! Anyway..my work has an “internet policy” where they really really don’t allow internet browsing/chatting during work hours so that’s why my online life/presence has seriously plummeted. I can’t concentrate on something for more than 15 mins so I used to check twitter/blogs at least every 20/30 minutes and now I can’t at all! It’s so hard to function!

  1. those patterns look like kaleidoscopes!

  2. loving the 2nd pattern
    and poor u with the sitting down – cant use internet policy =(

  3. CONGRATZ ON THE JOB!!!! btw i love the first pattern

  4. bahaha, we have an internet policy too, but the western society is a tad more graceful on the whole work thing, i just do 9 – 5 a couple of days outside of uni. love the outfit – per usual. and i forget whether i have mentioned this, but your hair… how long did it take to grow?

    sometimes i wish hair would just go from short to long, without the “awkward length” stage. haha.

    i like the last two patterns, OMG!!! – YOU SHOULD MAKE A TSHIRT IN THAT PATTERN. SERIOUSSSSLLLY! – think about it!

    much love x

  5. DENISE. H&M? Is this the one in the old lane crawford? I actually haven’t been there yet – because the last time I was home, it was swarming with people. I am so jealous.

    I love those boots!!!! And yes, those shoes. You are hilarious.

  6. love those boots!!
    xx cody

  7. oh hun how bored were you! lol! it IS a lovely pattern though. GOD I WANT THOSE SHOES AS WELL!!! rarrrrr. i feel your paainn.

  8. those boots + studs + denim vest = coolness

    and it sucks that you can’t twitter/blog all you want during work – do they actually monitor the screens?

  9. love your boots, just what i’ve been after for years!

    congrats on the job, and on those patterns – very cool

  10. you’re too cute! i’ll keep my eyes peeled for the atacoma’s for u! and yes, it does feel like we’re strangely connected by 2 degrees of friends of friends! :)

  11. !!
    loving your style.
    and i gotta tell you this,
    you have a wonderful smile:]

  12. aww i hope you find those shoes dude. and congrats on the jobby job!!!!!

  13. oh i am so digging those shoes also… they are uber cool

    good blog btw

  14. hottttie, congrats on the new job, will be awaiting new posts! hopefull some DIYs ;)

    xx raez

  15. lol! i do see wolf heads

    yays for finding a job!

  16. AHHAHAA omgg you seriously went crazy with those shoes and photoshop eh?! I can’t imagine ever doing something like that because it would just take me an entire day to figure out how to tasselate the darned image. That’s how bad I am with this newfangled graphic design technology. Xp

    Anyway congrats on the job! =) How does it feel to be raking in some money? Hope you’ll get more adjusted to it soon… I’m so tired out just from school even the thought of work next time scares me O_o

  17. HAHAHA I didn’t even know they were those shoes!

  18. you are so beautiful :)
    i love the vest, i was able to snag my own on a sidewalk sale.
    great blog!


  19. dude your boots are so awesome! congrats on the job and i completely understand the addicted to social media thangg – probably why my Blackberry is attached to me constantly (even at work!)

  20. i am not too tall myself hahaha :S
    i love your bag and the boots


  21. perfect outfit and love the wedge pattern! it’s adorable.

  22. Ouh, love the outfit! And that bag, soo nice! those paterns are so nice.. I thought I saw shoes in one of them..possible? haha Goodluck with your doggie :( i think mine’s dying too, so sad!

  23. Yeah I would definitely buy a dress in the last pattern. Or tights! They have websites that print patterns on fabric. Oh and throw pillows? Or bed sheets?!?! LOL

  24. Nice outfit!!
    I’ve been in HK for years and I still don’t understand why the damn working hours are so long.

  25. The story of a little girl name Ling


    Nice to meet you.. I’m Stephen

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