Forgot my camera so this is the only full-length photo I have (with and from Valerie!)
Zara trench, Topshop jeans, Giorgio Armani red clutch and Balenciaga cork heels.

Last Thursday I was invited to the launch of Swarovski’s first fragrance Aura, held at Domani in Pacific Place. Swarvoski teamed up with the legendary Clarins group to create their first perfume that has lychee, rose, tuberose, pink pepper, amber, benzoin and white musk notes. We’re talking about Swarovski here so of course the bottle is glorious. The bottle is unexpectedly minimal with a sleek silver cover that has a cool angular crystal on the top. I was also half expecting the perfume to be kind of old-lady and typical but I was sweetly surprised that the scent feels really refreshing and spring/summer-y.

They unveiled the new Aura by Swarovski commercial through a projection across Admiralty!

Cute paper Aura smelling ring! I thought this was a really cute gimmick for a perfume event.

Dinner afterwards :)

And finally…the perfume!


Such a sucker for awesome packaging!

I was also luckily gifted the limited edition Aura crystal gloss pendant.

Such a cool shot of the crystals/gems

The new ad!

Now on to more random things!

HOW awesome are my new flats! I particularly loved them because of the high..toeline..? They reminded me so much of the Chloé SS11 ballet flats. These were such a great deal too! Only HK$449 and real leather! Just gonna casually slip in that they are from Zara………but definitely not from the Women’s section… yay for small-ish feet :D


Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chocolate from The Swank event! The 50¢ is there to show you just HOW little this cute little box is.

aaand last but not least…HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW cute is my new cup that nanz bought for me from NY!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s sooooooooooo cute and the little spoon with the little arms are so incredible cute and leeeeedle. I used it for the first time this morning for my morning tea and got all giddy when I saw him sitting on the table heahehaehahehaehae

GIF overload today! Bye now!



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