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Outfit One: sacai luck windbreaker, MM6 leather drawstring backpack, Uniqlo jeans, Converse DIY Chuck Taylors.
Outfit Two: Alexander Wang x H&M windbreaker, sacai sweater, J.Crew dropcrotch pants and Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses.

GUYS!! I’M ALIVE!!! I’ve been MIA for the past month working on a whole bunch of projects and real life work and now I finally have the time (if just briefly) to update my blog.

AHHH YES SXSW!!! Back in March after a quick trip to Hong Kong, super last minute I decided to join Jason for SXSW in Austin, Texas!! My first time in Texas!! Cos of some crazy hotel mix up (our booking lady ended booking us a hotel in Austin, Minneapolis O_O), we had to super last minute (literally boarding the plane and trying to book a flight on my phone) book a hotel and as you can imagine during a time like SXSW, ALL the hotels near downtown were filled up so we ended up lodging it up at Westin Austin at The Domain. Although it was kind of a hassle to be about 30mins drive to the main SXSW area, it was actually kinda nice to be far away from all the insanity of SXSW.

So on the first day of course we had to head down to check out the amazing Fader Fort sponsored by Converse. This was my first time at SXSW and apparently because of some craziness that happened in previous years, the organizers and the police were way more strict this year which for someone like me who stays far far far away from really intense scenes, was a real relief. phewphies. Anyway we hung out mostly at Fader Fort and checked out the other Converse venues like Thrasher Mag’s DEATH MATCH (specifically run by CONS, their skate and active division) where we watched one of our favourite bands Title Flight and also out to Rubber Tracks, the Converse pop-up studio where local bands can come record for free! Oh man thinking back now, Title Flight was so damn good live ✖️ ✖️

AND FINALLY..dun dun dun!!! Did you guys notice the major blog layout upgrade??? I’ve been thinking about an upgrade for so long and finally started working on it for a while now. You like?? I wanted the images to be big and clear and no mishmash sidebar bothering your reading pleasure…lemme know what you guys think! Questions, comments or criticism all welcome! When you make websites for a living..and finally get to work on your own personal website..man that’s the dream right?

mmmmmm cauliflower nacho at Punch Bowl Social at the Domain…

DEEEEricious ‘street tacos’

Some next level Pleasantville status.


Saw this everywhere at Fader Fort and thought this was SO genius.

Headed down to check out DEATH MATCH: the skate venue for Converse CONS.

Caught one of our favourite bands Title Flight just in time at DEATH MATCH.

This jacket came in handy as it got a little rainy and drizzly here and there.

Settled down at this random food truck park/outdoor area for early dinner.

Good lawd! We got Baton Creole (Damn good Cajun!). This is the Jamabalaya baton and we also had an order of Gumbo. BOTH SO GOOD DYING I WANT SOME NOW OMG SO HUNGRY.

Beignets! My first time having them and although super sugary…SO DAMN GOOD.

Another Day!

Adventuring around The Domain

We headed over to downtown Austin which I think is called SoCo (for South Congress) to check out some cool shops like By George S° Congress and then we stumbled upon this random bar that had a free show and one of my new favourite bands BLOODS was about to play! We managed to catch their whole set while also hiding from the intense downpour of rain and it was all so magical and amazing. If you don’t know them, listen to this song NOW.

We heard about In-n-Out opening quite recently in Austin and seeing as I’VE NEVER BEEN (!?!?!?!) it was our mission to make it out there. GLORIOUS I SAY GLORIOUS.

It was exactly how it was in my dreams..

I’m not sure what we ordered cos Jason did the special off-the-menu-supposedly ordering…but whatever these burgers are called..they were DERICIOUS!!

I wish all the cups in my house were from In-n-Out

And that’s it for my first time and first post about Austin! There’s always too many photos to fit into one post so now you can look forward to the next one hopefully soon! I promise I won’t take month long breaks in between posts anymore…..I hope!

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