awesome new things

Just some new things I’ve gotten lately:

Momo bought me this new sweater from H&M that is very much awesome :)

Finally received our copies of MK-A Olsen book Influence. I pre-ordered this like 2 months ago when they first announced it and also surprised Sha with her own copy. It’s so that in the future when we AREN”T living with each other then we have our own copies =D I highly recommend getting a copy.

Lastly, my brother-in-law hooked me up with these amazingawesomesuperomgwowwtf limited edition Married to the Mob Dunk Highs. I. Love. Them. The details are amazing. The white uppers are influenced by classic Chanel tweed *droolz* Don’t know if I’ll ever end up wearing these ones; might be too afraid to ruin the beautiful white tweed. The black patent front just ups the whole effect and makes a classic basketball shoe amazingly classy.

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