There’s a couple of basic items that everyone should have in their closet, regardless of if they’re “your style” or not. A white lace-y summer-y babydoll dress is one of them. It’s the perfect throw on on a lazy sunday type of dress for a long lunch with friends and lovers. Top that with another wardrobe essential, the Leather Jacket, and you’re good to go. Expect me to constantly be in this airy fairy white Bailey dress from Jarlo (newly discovered label thanks to Zooq) during the un-welcomed Shanghai hot summer, probably over a pair of leggings or denim shorts cos it’s just that couple of inches too short, bordering on ultra-slutty territory. I’m one of the rare few that seriously hates summer. I will never get used to how hot it gets in Hong Kong and every summer feels a million times hotter than the one before. I sweat like no other and it’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Don’t get me wrong though, I seriously effing hate snow too haha. Give me a breezy 10-18 degree weather, I’ll be out there in a cool jacket and I’ll be good. I’m also one to rarely go out with my hair tied-up but April and May are months of discovering my new “style” so be on the look out for Experimental DD!

  1. love your hair and your dress! awesome blog! xx


  3. Is the crumpled look in now??

  4. I can’t. This is indeed too cute, but in a totally I WILL F YOU UP IF YOU MESS WITH ME way. Must be the jacket.

  5. And I just read ‘Susan’s comment. /Dead/

  6. I don’t really know how you do it – you look kind of bad ass but adorable all at the same time!


  8. So cute! Know how you feel, I hate summer too!! Sweat pours!!!

  9. What a cutie. #experimentalDD

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