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Back on here to share our Valentine’s Day dinner! Jason is so good at planning these things, even though I say all the time that we should alternate each year in terms of who has to plan the day whether it’s Valentine’s or our anniversary. But every year he beats me to it and always brings me to somewhere fun or new for dinner! This year, he stepped it up a little with a gift too! We don’t usually give each other gifts..or usually I don’t give any gifts lol more like a cute handmade heartfelt card! Jason surprised me with this dress from RAEY on that I had been eyeing for ages! It’s a shirt dress, with short sleeves, a full double-ended zip from top to bottom, a midi length AND it’s black with a speckled pattern. Does it not sound like this dress is literally made for me? The next step up would be if it had pockets, but the crepe fabric is really light and wispy so I guess a pocket would’ve weighed it down. Oh and I also woke up to a SUPER cute new plant! It’s a Bird Nest Fern. I love it so much, her name is Birdie. Jason knows very well that I’ll always prefer a plant over flowers, and besides, plants last way longer! Or at least they’re supposed to…

So Jason surprised me with dinner at New Punjab Club! They opened up a while ago but we’ve been trying to go for ages but they’re always fully booked and honestly we’re hardly ever in Central anymore neither. Overall, I loved everything. The food was so good and the service was really great, despite being VERY soft spoken, our server was really friendly and helpful in explaining the dishes we didn’t understand. The ambiance is pretty chill and the bathroom was wild lol so definitely take a peepee break if you ever go. Our favourite dish was probably the Samosa Chaat with the pomegranate and the classic butter naan was sooo good with the Mughal Room Makhani which is like a classic chicken tikka. They had a pretty impressive gin and tonic trolley station which looked super fancy but alas, neither me nor Jason drink alcohol so what a waste! Otherwise everything was sooo yummmmm and now I’m dying to go back! Highly recommend it and make sure you call to make a reservation!

New Punjab Club – 34 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong / +852 2368 1223


[L] Obsessed with this knife. Really want one for home!!   –   [R]Samosa Chaat

[L] mmmMmmmMmmm yum   –   [R]Bade Ka Boti Kebab: Tandoor-roasted sirloin, dressed onions and burnt garlic chutney – OMG so good, was a BIT dry but drenching in the delicious sauce helped!

[L]Mughal Room Makhani: Chicken tikka braised, spiced tomato and butter   –   [R]Butter Naan

[L]Masala Palak: Baby spinach, garlic and tomato   –   [R]Aloo Ghobi: Cauliflower, new potatoes, coriander and ginger

This bathroom!!! Pretty damn epic!!!

Soooooo full but…yknow dessert..we had to! Can you guess what we got?

YEP, CARROT STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING with Popcorn Ice Cream…(POPCORN!!!!!), peanuts and banana!!!!! Died guys, I died!!!!!

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