back pack back pack.

imagine my title of this post sung by dora the explorah.

anyways so the other day i took my old gravis backpack (which i had given to my boyfriend after feeling too boyish using it) to school purely because i had an insane amount of stuff to bring and my laptop is super heavy. my friends at school were like “:O you have a backpack!!” lol i guess they were too used to seeing me with a handbag on my elbow, me struggling to carry the damn heavy thing.

my backpack was soooo comfy (kinda, not after like 6 hours) and was just super functional to fit all my shiz in there, which made me uhh..kinda like backpacks? weird i know..unthinkable…but now i really want an awesome cool one. i know lulu has been trying to get everyone to jump on the backpack drive but i guess i had been reluctant until i tried it for myself!

ok i’m blabbing, here are some cool ones:

This AA backpack looks fun and shiney.

This TRKFLD one is sooo cute too.

How baller is this Schmack backpack?

Always loved Supreme, this bag looks so functional!

Okay i think my streetwear sense is coming out now haha so I better get back to work! Hopefully by the end of the year I will own one of these!


And to end this useless post, how friggen amazing is this jacket?! It’s designed by Antonin Tron and worn here by fashion designer Romain Brau. From JAK&JILL.

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