WOOOoOOOOooooOOoOoO 2011!!!

Happy new year everyone!!! Firstly, before I start blabbering on as usual, just wanted to say a big thank you (again) to everyone who reads my blog and im so so so so flattered and honoured that everyone bothers to visit..pretty much repeating what I wrote on my xmas post but yeah, just very thankful! The response to my XXX X X X X XMAS giveaway has been great too and I wish I could afford to send everyone a present!

Monki mid-length dress, Zara leather jacket, Topshop ponyhair leopard belt, Prada snakeskin bag, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 ankle boots.

Okay on to New Years! After a HOT POT FEAST at home (srsly, check out the size of those fishballs….POW!!!), my friends and I celebrated at Kee Club in HK at the Champagne Supernova party hosted by my blogger buddy Valerie Soh! Turned out great and even though I drank a shit load, I didn’t even have a hangover! YAY for not being a grandma! BUTTTT, we are now back to regular scheduled programming which means no fun and all work. Luckily for HK, we have Chinese New Year coming up in about a month so yay for more holidays!

Our last photo of 2010!

What a cute fishy haha

AWESOME huge candle (honestly the melted wax was like 1.5 feet tall) but WTF how weird does my chopped off pinky look? lol

Seriously check out the candle..maybe MORE than 2 feet actually?

<3 my smart looking PB

SICK…i mean the rubbish. BE THANKFUL you don’t have to be the one on January 1st cleaning that shit up.

Don’t know if a lot of you have Tumblr but just wanted to remind everyone of mine! I just use it to mostly update daily stupid shit that’s going on with me or for posting some inspiring pics that I find from time to time. I also just recently added the “ASK ME ANYTHING” thing so if there was ever anything you wanted to know about me, feel free to ask!

P.S. Did anyone notice my curly hair!? After months of waiting for it to grow longer and for it grow healthier (DID NOT HAPPEN), I finally caved in and curled my hair! I didn’t leave the salon with the perfect tousled beachy wavy do that I’d hoped for, instead I walked out with a DRY, NOT SO WAVY and KNOTTY mop of hair on my head…but..I actually like it hahaha I’m all for the messy whatever look so I guess it’s all the same to me!

P.P.S. Friendly reminder to remember to sign up for my XXX X X X X XMAS giveaway! I’m giving away TWO prizes so hurry on up cos the giveaway ends on January 15th :)


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