Stripy sheer top from Hokk Fabrica, DIY elastic harness, H&M neoprene a-line skirt (similar here), uniqlo leggings and Dr.Martens Arien creepers.

#ExperimentalDD in full force here. Again one of my favourite skirts of all time: this neoprene wonder from H&M that I don’t get to wear too often. This top from Hokk Fabrica is semi-questionable..and I was really unsure of how to wear it so what the hell I’ll just layer a bunch of shit on top, and by bunch of shit, I mean this elastic harness corset thingy that I made like 4 years ago and have only worn out ONCE. TBH, I’m kind of liking how this outfit turned out, part goth-y, part old lady via my grandma skirt, part rockabilly girl (thanks to my boobies thankyouverymuch) and all parts BEETLEJUICE. So in case you didn’t get that, it’s a pretty cray outfit altogether.

We’ve been trying to do some quick shoots at home, so every now and then you’ll see a bunch of these indoor shoots! I am so in love with our apartment in Shanghai, which you can get sneak peaks through my instagram. Maybe one day I’ll do some sort of home-tour thingy but mostly you’d just see Sumo in every shot and his toys EVERYWHERE. So far Shanghai, we like you ♥

Scary hairy

In love with my DMs.


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