Topshop suede moto jacket, Monki dress, Pedder Red wedges and Mulberry Edie small bag.

chomp chomp chomp

Wearing red for Chinese New Year! As most people know, last week was Chinese New Year and we all got a much needed break from work. Chinese New Year is probably the one and ONLY time I’ll ever wish to be living/working in China; they get almost 2 weeks off public holiday! Just imagine how much sleeping and how much MORE eating I can do with an extra 2 weeks!

On CNY day 2 we went to bai leen at one of our family friend’s house and then went for a non-traditional dinner at _SML_. We figured all Chinese restaurants were either fully booked or pai cheung lo (lining up to the streets) so we opted for “fusion/Western”. Side note: on Chinese New Year eve, me sha and my mom had CPK for dinner LOL so untraditional but so gewwwwwwwwd.

Nanz and Mr ._.

Family picture!

Yeah, we’re pretty damn awesome. When referring to my brother’s facial expression, my mom said (and I quote) “Don’t understand why you love to make ugly faces whenever we take group pics, as if I have a retarded child at home!” LOL

On CNY eve, me and mummseh went to the annual Chinese New Year Flower Market in Victoria Park. It was so jam-packed as usual but we managed to get everything we needed: mini cherry blossom tree, white flowers for nanz, a few stalks of orchids and some fat bulbs of chrysanthemums. At the Flower Market they also have tons of stalls selling random crap like $1000 windmills, random blow-up toys (shaped in instant noodle packets or telephone booth looking things) and a TON of Rilakkuma stuff! I was DYING for a long bolster type pillow but no idea which stall was selling it and was probably way overpriced ): le foof.

With my Edie, random skully necklace and random rings. Look how LIGHT my hair is in the sun -___________- hopefully fixing it up soon, is too ugry right now.

The crowd…………………………………………………………………………….of doom

Mom picking out a cherry blossom tree

These are like cotton buds/balls or something..they’re like little fur balls and they make me want to rub them on my face and go “mmmmmmmm”…..

Narcissus Flower for nanz!

GIGANORMOUS chrysanthemums! Seriously one bulb was like the size of a grapefruit!

$1000 windmill! That’s our Hong Kong $1000 bill hahaha

And lastly, PB said he wanted some bloglovin’ so here he is!

PB enjoying the view at the HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens where we went just to visit the orangutans!


  1. you and your family, including bf are you ridiculously cute!

  2. Love these pics, looks like you had a great new year! Love your Edie, such a gorgeous bag. The family shot is awesome too, love your mom’s quote!

  3. how cute is your mom with her camo bag! Prada? hehe

    Oy! that crowd photo made me go @#$%^&(*&@*$ for a second…i had to scroll past it quickly. #anxiety

  4. You look so cute and such fun family pictures! I love those orchids! And is PB your boyfriend? He looks like Orlando Bloom! xooxoxo

  5. luv your red leather jacket and the new purse! may i know what camera are you using for your blog here? the photo quality is amazing.

  6. yayy welcome to the mulberry clan :D

  7. You and your mom are matching in your family pics! How cute hahaha and PB kind of reminds me a tiny bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the gif.

  8. heyyy!!! thanks for the comment! ove your blog too!!! i remember we were featured on the same issue of jessica weekly!! lets hang out when we r back in hkkk :))

  9. Looked like you had a good cny :D

  10. Aah, I was in HK about a month ago! Kinda make me wish that I’m in HK for CNY!

    ps: PB is so cute in the pictures, haha!

  11. gorgeous gorgeous outfit, there’s nothing better i like than red and black.
    and not meaning to sound creepy, but i thought the background of your first 3 photos seemed incredibly familiar…then i realized it’s because i go to uni right down the street!

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