I’m totally one of those people who care a lot about what’s going on above my neck. I mean helloOOOooo that’s my money-maker right thurr!! lulz…anyway my hair and face are super important to me that even if my outfit is looking complete shit for the day, as long as my skin is covered up properly and presentable and my hair is not too gross.

So some beauty stuff….I’m one of those girls who can’t leave the house without make-up. Okay maybe if I’m running across the street the supermarket or something where chances of running into someone I know is close to nothing, but otherwise, it’s full make-up everyday for me. The good thing is that my make-up routine isn’t anything too major. I keep it simple with basically foundation, blush, liquid eyeliner and my caterpillar brows. From bare-faced to completely done-up, takes me realistically just about 8 minutes.

For my foundation, for almost a year now I’ve been using BareMinerals powder foundation. I’d previously heard so many grat things about it and the fact that the mineral powder improves your overall skin and complexion over time totally had me sold. I wanted to try the brand a long time ago but they weren’t selling in Hong Kong. Lucky for us, BareMinerals finally set up station in Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place where you can try and buy all their great shades of powders, blushes, eye shadows and more. For me I’m quite a plain jane so I just went for some sunblock, powder foundation and then some blush.

Bare faced! This just so happen to be a good week for my skin..normally it’s worse than this haha oh and also, check out those awesome flying baby hairs of mine.

Their famous sunblock! The good thing about this is that it’s in powder form so you’re getting the protection you need (and you NEED protection from the sun guys, sunblock = very important!!) whilst not having to use those greasy thick creamy sunblocks. Also this one has some slight color so you could just put this sunblock on and totally skip the foundation step!

The great thing about BM is that they have a million different shades to choose from so you’re able to find the perfect colour for your skin tone. The powder is also really light but lasts all day and doesn’t make you too matte nor too shiny.

A quick hit of my favouite blush: NARS Gina

Perfect cat-eye with my favourite liquid eyeliner: Guerlain black eyeliner

okay maybe not perfect..

So as you know, a couple of weeks ago I bleached and dyed my hair blue! For everyone who asked, I used Manic Panic’s Amplified After Midnight. It’s been about 3+ weeks already so the colour has faded quite a bit and is now a turquoise-y mermaid like green. I only did the under parts of my it’s slightly more subtle and not too obvious if my hair is relaxed normally. Bleaching is nothing new to me as my hair has gone through many bleaching and dying hours ever since a teenager but this was my first time doing a semi-temporary “outrageous” colour. It took me about 4 hours (and thanks to my bff Julie for sitting it out with me!) where I had my hair bleached one and a half times then had the blue put in for just a quick 30 mins. The problem with these crazy colours from brands like Manic Panic or Punky Colour is that the colours fade really fast. It’s barely been 3-4 weeks and I’m already due for a touch-up!

Oh man after the first bleach..

My hair now is kinda more like this turquoise-y green.

Sorry for the long break in posting…my last post was about 2 weeks ago and that is considered ages..which is funny cos I used to only blog like once every 2 weeks. Anyway, big changes are happening right’s like temporary sadness that is required in order to lead to forever happiness. Life can be really hard and difficult at times but I just need to constantly convince myself that this is just only for a couple of months and then after that, everything will be alright and I’ll probably feel stupid for making things harder for myself. And besides, there are people in this world going through unimaginable pain and despair so really, I shouldn’t be complaining. I guess I don’t want to go to into detail about what’s happening but if everything works out the way I want it to, then I’ll have some really big news to tell everyone in a few months! Just hope that things work out for me and it’d be cool and fun and awesome to hope for me that it does ♥


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