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Type Addicted (The New Trend of a to Z Typo-Graphics)
from Viction:ary

Another amazing book from Viction:ary filled with glorious full colour images and wonderful descriptions of designers and their works. I highly recommend you pick this up now.

Lettering is a key visual element of great design. The right type can transform any project from mundane to extraordinary, and how to choose and treat font and lettering is a common challenge among designers and artists from every discipline.
Type Addicted not only presents a rich selection of experimental and inspirational typefaces and their applications, it also reveals the diversity of innovative approaches used by contemporary designers to set tone, add impact, reinforce brand identity, and lend character to print and design work in various disciplines. Solutions to any type of dilemma are sure to be discovered among the pages. Examples include work by up and coming names as well as renowned icons from around the world.

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