Zara pants and blouse, Ash Banyan Wedges and little Prada purse.

Warning: verrrrry photo heavy!!

Every year Hongkong Land celebrates fashion and lifestyle with Boutique Boulevard. Basically, it’s a night of of mini-events at participating HKLand outlets in Central that includes over 70 high-end fashion, jewellery and food brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, YSL, Stella McCartney, Tiffany&Co., Chanel and many many more. I started the night out at Dolce&Gabbana…

How cute is mom in her little masquerade mask!

lol looks like the guy in the back is part of the mask..spookehhhh

mom and CLN!

Lovely Laura!

Pretty floral D&G shoes!

Me Julie!

Candy stand at YSL getting mobbed by camera phones!

little marshmallows!

We started at Dolce&Gabbana to support nanz and her BFF LOVELY LAURA. They were featuring a lovely jazz duo that was basically LL (Lovely Laura) decked out in D&G, saxophoning along to a dude (also decked out in D&G) who was on decks. It was great, really nice and chill and they had some really yummy seared salmon and beef carpacio tidbits. Next stop was to YSL next door where everyone was crowded around this cute little sweets table where they were giving out giant YSL lollipops (made by PAPABUBBLE!) and some other sweet goodies. Earlier on in the night they were handing out some free YSL totebags too and of course, mom being an awesome quick and stealthy lady, managed to get two for us!

SO pretty at Tiffanys!!

SO cute.

Spot anything new? :D

The caricaturist guy at MJ

Taken just before that lady looking at me told me not to take any pics ):

After munching down on more little sweets, we headed across the street to Landmark where our next stop was Tiffany&Co. It was much more quiet there but their dessert table was gorgeous and everything looked so decadent, pretty much TOO decadent to eat! We mingled around there long enough to drink another glass of champagne before heading next door to Marc Jacobs. They had a caricaturist who was drawing people on cute little Marc Jacobs-decked bodies! The line was so long so I put my phone number down for the lady to call me when it was my turn but I guess it just took way too long cos she never called! So bummed ): We then did a quick stop at Celine where we just had some champagne and drooled over all the amazing accessories (that choker thing!!!)

Scary over-friendly-looking googley-eye lady in a bubble!

Walking back to Alexandra House.

Scary Chanel mannequin!

My (normally small) giant looking head next to mom!

Oh well, next stop was Ralph Lauren which was actually really packed. We didn’t do much in there except get a cool polaroid picture. Next, we decided to head back towards Alexandra House and walked over to Chanel to meet up with mom and some other people. The store entrance was really cool but they wouldn’t let me take any pictures ): It was sort of like an icy geometric tunnel kinda thing. Anyway, there I oooogled at the pretty bags and then chased down the cater waiter who was serving tuna tartar in mini ice cream cones (YUMMMMM). We mingled there for a while longer and then left Chanel (with a goodie bag!!!) then walked over to Ice House street for Hermés.

Some machine thingy in Hermés that showed short black and white films

Foie gras lollipops covered in raspberry jelly!

Ended the night at Tory Burch!

We spent the longest time at Hermés cos they seriously had the best food. Foie gras lollipops, seared scallops, freshly cut prosuitto on little bread bits and roasted (??) duck on little crackers. Of course every (food) stop along the way was topped off with glasses of champagne! Gotta drink SOMETHING to wash down that foie gras! After spending ages there, we were pretty much stuffed so decided to head back to D&G to see if nanz was finished over there. After spending an eternity in the bathroom (ahemJULIEahem) and more lingering around, I went to go meet up with CKO and VNG (lol) from HKFashionGeek at MO bar where they decided to skip most of the stuff and sit down for a meal instead (so smart). Went with them to the Tory Burch party over in Four Seasons Hotel where there was major drinking, dancing and just basically partying. I didn’t stay long cos my feet were pretty much DEAD by that time but it seemed like it was a really great event. Although, I heard there were lots of models just standing around not knowing what to do with lots of viewers just standing around staring back at the models /awkward/. Tory (yknow we’re on first name basis right?) was there too but I didn’t manage to spot her amongst the major crowd of people!

Anyway so that was my Friday night! It’s been an extreeemely eventful and tiring week. After Monday’s Louis Vuitton X Prestige event and this Friday thing, my feet officially hate me. I’ve decided to give them a long vacation in only comfy shoes and Totoro slippers.

The major highlights of the evening were definitely the food (always the best reason to go to events), the few goodies that we got from different stores, LOTS of free booze, oh and meeting Ingrid from The Bag Hag with her friend Daphne after Tory Burch when we were all struggling in our 5 inch heels and wabbling along together to the taxi stand. I was bummed that we didn’t get to stop by more places to see what was happening so here’s a list of some other participating stores that I didn’t but wanted to go to: Stella McCartney, Cartier, Qeelin, Bottega Veneta and Miu Miu (did they do anything? don’t even know). My mom headed home with all the goodies that we got so I haven’t managed to snap any photos of them yet so maybe in the next post!

Okay that’s it guys! Sorry for the major photo overload, hope I didn’t kill your computers! Bye!



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