Dad’s Ralph Lauren sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Sam Edelman Leopard ponyhair Petty booties and DIY Studded Baggu bag

After a super intense 2 hours of working at a crazy KPOP awards show (MAMA Awards), I rushed over to the fun bloggers session (a.k.a. a Brew&Post session) at the John Hardy store at Lee Gardens 2. It was so relaxing to hear the president of JH, Damien, explain the history of the brand in his pretty French accent after hearing 100000 KPOP fans non-stop screaming like babies. John Hardy is known for its Asian-inspired jewellery and is all handcrafted in a compound built especially for the brand in Mumbal, Bali. The company’s slogan “Greener Every Day” is reinforced in their dedication to keeping all land around the compound sustainable with farming and use of non-hazardous byproducts.

My favourite element of all the jewellery is definitely the braided motif and the different applications of it; this is signature to JH. Was trying my best not to run out with all the chunky chains and mega dragon bling!! But nonetheless, thanks so much to the JH team for taking care of us (macaroon heaven!) and for the beautiful dragon bracelet that I converted into a ring! No thank you to the champagne that kept on spritzing out at me but thankfully, only through pretty bamboo straws :D

Beautiful hand braided silver

Such a cool chunky ring

With John Hardy president, Damien!

JJ accessorizing on point

LOVE the dragon heads!

THIS necklace O_O!

Would look so cool worn backwards too with my hair up!

And also very yummehhhhhhhhhhh

Wearing two chunky JH bracelets with my everyday chunky chain and Tag Heuer watch! GOES SO WELL DAMMIT.

And finally a group and literal family photo ♥


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