BDG Men’s Tshirt, H&M skirt, IZZUE (hk) sweater, Esprit Jacket from a million years ago, Frye boots, Costume National bag, Chloe sunglasses

Left ring F21, Middle ring: Kenneth Jay Lane
Nails: LA Flare light coral pink

Top to bottom: HK Fur Association rabbit fur bracelet, KJL pyramid stud cuff, Links bracelet

So you have no idea how happy it makes me that I’m FINALLY on Spring Break. I mean I’m not going anywhere, or doing anything extravagant in particular, but the fact that I have the time to sleep in til 3pm (hehe) is pretty much orgasmic.

So we had a major chill day yesterday..just walking around hanging out spending time with each other which was really awesome seeing that I was sleeping at 5am everynight and being mega stressed for the past week. We headed round to Opening Ceremony again because they called about a week ago telling me the Dr Marten Darci boot was in stock again. However, I did procrastinate going there for a week and so of course, the ones I wanted were sold out already. That blur of a photo up there is me trying on the patent black ones, which I kiiinda liked but the patent was seriously patent, so I decided no. Besides, I just ordered my Floral DM’s (can’t fking wait til they get here ^.^)

OMG so after doing the usual SoHo stores, we took the train up to KMART (uh, my favourite store evahh) to get some plain FOTL shirts for a project and WHAT did we discover in the men’s underwear section:

ZOMG right!! LOL it was seriously funny, and notice how the shelves are EMPTY, they must be really popular!!!!!


Finally, we took the train up to Barnes and Nobles on 14th street to chill out there for a while then headed to H&M, where PB bought me some new shoes!! He likes girls in “those covered up heels,” as he says, so I ended up with some new lace-up oxfords :) They look kinda greenish in the photo (uhh come on graphic designer, step-up your photoshop skillz), but I assure you they’re black.

wow okay..excuse the back-of-ankle jelly rolls there.

oh also, I’ve been looking to get a grey pullover for the longest time so at kmart I ended up getting this grey jersey men’s crewneck pullover (woah so many adjectives) on sale for $3.99. YEP THREE.NINETY.NINE. SO CHEAP, and so nice and soft, I <3 KMART. The neckline was kinda high so I chopped it off a little.


BTW, saw this in the SJP issue of Harper’s Bazaar and omg I want? I saw it like maybe 4 weeks ago in the magazine and since then have been prowling the Nine West site every other day to see if they have it yet, which they DON’T. Ugh so mad!!! So if anyone randomly browses and sees that it’s on there please let me know!! Must. Have. Now!!!

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