Wooo Taipei Story! For Brew&Post‘s first ever group trip we decided to head to Taipei for the weekend! It only makes sense since 2 of our bloggers are Taiwanese and going to Taipei on the weekend is just like a super fun, quick (and cheap!) getaway! I’d only been to Taipei once before on a school trip when I was much younger so I never really experienced it properly. I was expecting too much food, fun shopping and just maximum relaxing with my BP fam and that’s exactly what happened! We were so lucky enough that everyone managed to schedule their timing and take this trip together and it was also a last big outing before the kids left us to go back to London for their final year at CSM (Miss you guys!)

First off, we started our early day right at the HK airport at the Plaza Premium Lounge! Perfect pre-flight chicken sausages and cheung fun to fuel us up for the weekend! After landing in Taipei and checking into our hotel, we headed straight out for some beef noodle soup 牛肉麵 and then met up with the rest of the team that had arrived a few days earlier for a day out shopping at dong qu 東區. We did lots of walking around and buying yummy food souvenirs for friends and family back at home and stopping for yummy fruit tea before heading back to our hotel to get ready for our night out! Luckily my shitty mandarin was only barely just good enough for us to order food and get around!

Some pre-flight lessons. Learning how to Social Media like a pro from the S.M. Professional himself, theWanderlister+!!

ZOMG super yummy beef noodle soup 牛肉麵 at a restaurant near our hotel on Fu Xing S. Rd 復興南路.

#SUPERWOWOMG up in Taiwan!

SO in love with these Richard Nicholl x KSUBI limited edition sunglasses. The reflective lens are so fking cool! Hi TOUGHLOVE!

Roaming the streets of dong qu 東區

Super yummy lychee rose tea!

Someone’s really manly summer drink made only for strong buff tattooed dudes.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out! We started with hotpot but despite all the hype around Taipei hotpot, I thought it was only ooookay. Maybe I’m just being biased towards Hong Kong, but personally, I think HK hot pot is sooo much better! Maybe I just need to go back to Taiwan again and eat moooooooooore hotpot to have a fair judgement! Anyway after dinner we headed out to this super cool lounge/bar place called FOURPLAY that served the coolest and yummiest drinks like this pretty wine mojito and these fancy caramelized pineapple shots!

Huge huge thanks to our clothing sponsor ELECTRIC SEKKI for making sure all the ladies of Brew&Post are constantly looking fly as hell and breezy as fuck! So much love for you guys and thanks for always being so supportive of Brew&Post! You can easily read all the Taipei Story posts by clicking the badge on my sidebar!



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