Gap tuxedo shirt, Abercrombie denim jacket, Carhartt military jacket, Topshop denim, DM floral boots, Old Navy bag, KLJ peanut necklace.

I’m doing the whole layering thang today, which was actually quite inappropriate cos it was kinda humid and toasty. I was sweating some seriousness at one point but I felt too kewlz wearing my denim layer so I decided to endure the heat and sweat my stress away. Today met up with my friend Carol who flew in for the day cos she works for British Airways. Went to BRGR on 27th and 7th ave and it was gewwwd. One of my teachers at school actually designed the logo and all that jazz. My Fresh Morning burger was soooo good and the sweet potato fries were goddddddddddly. AND they had Coke Zero on tap. THE BEST. First time i’ve seen it on those tap/refill thingies.

Anyways my life has completely been taken over by school. Thursday was my last day of class FOREVERRRRRRRR and next week I’ll just be going in for my final Portfolio Survey (MAJOR.) and to hand in a paper and do a last science test that I will probably not study for and will probably just rush all the questions and be the first one to run out of there. Wish me luck!!!!

WIll be back to regular posting in like…a week, after all the END-OF-SCHOOL partying and ENJOYING-FREEDOM-FROLICKING I’ll be doing ;D

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