COS Angora Wool sweater, H&M pleated skirt, UNDERGROUND leopard ponyhair creepers and Mulberry Edie bag with guitar strap.

Couple of weeks ago it was all around British fashion week in Hong Kong with parties and shows hosted by everyone from Mulberry, the British Consulate to Harvey Nichols and Paul Smith. I was super excited to see the Mulberry Brilliant Britain exhibition at the Mulberry Harbour City store.

The Mulberry Brilliant Britain exhibition showcased perfectly British designers, craftsmen and artists whilst highlighting a few of their key pieces. Two favourites of mine were definitely Jaqueline Cullen, who creates beautiful intricate jewellery based on the organic details found in rocks that come from mines and off cliffs, and also Eribé, the gorgeous soft knits handknitted by grannies in Scotland! Unfortunately the exhibition is no longer up at the Mulberry store but you can still check out the really cool website to learn more about cool British people doing cool things!

Cool leather making tools

Buttery soft Mulberry leather

Internal braiding (braiding without open ends) – that’s not really what it’s called but I’m just gonna call it that.

Lock & Co. Great logo!

Intricate observational illustrations of organic materials found in mines and cliffs from Jaqueline Cullen that her intricate amazing jewellery is based on.

That ring is seriously to die for!

Gooey soft knits handknitted by old ladies in Scotland for Eribé, a a Scottish knitwear design house founded by Rosemary Eribé. They have worked with Mulberry to produce some of the knits in the collection.

Super cool leather wrapped hanging lamps by Simon Hasan. Hasan uses the process of boiling leather based on the technique used in Medieval times to create elegant and stylish contemporary furniture.

The actual final paper pattern that Mulberry’s latest bag, The Del Rey, is based on. Love that they use the actual silver hardware even on the paper sample.

All the separate pieces of leather that composes the Mulberry Del Rey.

And lastly, browsing the store after the exhibition and spotted this super cute tromp l’oeil Maisie pouch.

On a complete sidenote, it’s been a while since I’ve touched up my blue hair ): Normally I get it re-dyed once every 4-5 weeks but it’s been almost 2 months O_O. My hair is in desperate need of a shot of blue!! It’s in this weird muddy blue/turquoise half-way phase and my roots have grown out quite a bit…/sadface/ It doesn’t look as bad in photos but I’d really prefer it to be more blueblue. Good thing I’ve just put in my order for new jars of Manic Panic Shocking Blue! Going to head to the salon ASAP when they get here! In Hong Kong I always head to Marek Art of Hair but if I’m in New York, then I’ll head to Japanese spot HAIRMATES and if in London, then I’d be rushing to Rush Hairdressers London!

(Yes that is a photo in NY! Many many many NY posts coming up soon! Super backblogged right now..)


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