H&M Organic cotton tee and bandage skirt, Zara boyfriend blazer, DIY necklace, random jewelry, Chloe Edith bag, Topshop wingtips

DKNY screwhead ring, random black chain ring and tiny little F21 ring on the top

This is what I wore to my interview FAIL the other day, this is me trying to look all smart, serious and business-like. I also wore the EXACT same outfit (with slight changes in jewelry choices) the day before that to a meeting with my mom and some representatives from the Mexican Consulate in Hong Kong (yah random random). Basically there’s going to be a food expo in Hong Kong in August and the Mexican Consulate is trying to work something out..but really I’m just excited for the FOOD EXPO.

After the meeting, me and momo mosied (alliteration ftw!) over to Causeway Bay for some feasting at the food court in Citysuper, or should I say C!TYsuper.

Bulgogi on rice yummmmmmmmmm

Takoyakiiii YUMMMMMMM

You guys have no idea how clean Hong Kong is…

On our way home in the mtr.

Oh yeh! I keep forgetting to mention that I got some new glasses. Putting my Miu Miu’s on hold for a while for these $5 cheapo glasses that ninniez got for me at St. Marks in New York before we left. The little gold leaf thingie on the tips are so cute and I love that they’re slightly bigger lens than my normal glassies.

Just some random pics from last Sunday when I had family lunch (minus neglecting-ninniez) at Festival Walk.

I really just posted this pic cos I’m wearing my other DIY necklace that I made recently. It’s leather fringe/tassels/string/sth on a chain.

Also, in reference to my blogpost title: I posted about eyebrows a million years ago (haha Raez I srsly love eyebrows!) and wrote about how much I love Brooke Shields’ eyebrows when she was younger. Anyway because of MJ’s Memorial (tears tears tears) on July 9th my blogstats went absolute bonkerssssss.

  1. You are so cute in that GIF!!!!!!! Ahh!!!!! And i actually didn’t think hk was going to be that anal about being clean… the last time i went like 4 years ago it was not liek THAT! i guess swine really affects it! haahha :)

  2. haha. you are so cute. yes i haev an eyebrow fetish i analyze eyebrows like nobodys business…lmfao.

    anyways. loving the glasses.sometimes cheapo is the way to go:)

    xx raez

  3. Isn’t it funny to see how people find our blogs? I love looking at my Google Analytics, they crack me up every time.

    I like your gif and ohhhh, that Chloe bag. I love me a good Chloe bag. *makes grabby hands*

  4. I love the first look! The blazer and all, and cute photos by the way :) I also adore the other outfit with the tights and the shorts, you look fab :) Blogstats? Never heard of that.. But that sucks! I still visit yours :)

  5. Mmmmmmmm fooood. And I’ve never been to HK but I really want to go! Good to know that it’s all about sanitation there…much different than in LA haha. Your gif is too cute!

  6. I miss Causeway Bay and shopping around Times Square, you make me miss HK so much! Loving the TS wingtips. Yummm Takoyaki! I want some now!

  7. I love your stacked rings!! And fkkk takoyaki, it’s 2:30 PM and I haven’t eaten anything today… so hungry!

  8. both outfits amazing. um. your blog (and sha’s haha i always group you guys together because you are sisters lol…) anyway you are always so genuine and happy, and you have great photos, plus food that makes me hungry, and outfits that inspire… i don’t know. i just really love it alot. the way you present things… yeah.x

  9. I miss hk so much and causeway bay…..

  10. hahah ur too cute in ur GIF

    I love your outfits and yessssss I love eating korean at the c!tysuper (HAHA) food court. And your nail color is so covetable :)

  12. lol @ brooke shield searches… I like your diy necklace! and your gif! I have yet to learn how to make one myself :( I want to go back to Asia and eat lots of delicious nommies… your photos are very convincing :)

  13. omg denise im so hungry right now!! haha your gif is too cute :P

  14. purdddy nails~~ hope u get the job for that interviewww.
    that shoe sanitizing sign is so funny to me for some reason.
    and i lurvve your gif!hhahaha.

  15. your chloe bag is so dreamy!

  16. Yeah, HK was so much cleaner than my 1st visit donkey years back. Lookin’ at ur pics really made me miss shoppings there! Wish i could go back soon.
    Love ur bag n d TS wingtips!

  17. i love your bag!! thick eyebrows are the business! i need to grow mine out thicker!

  18. I love your outfit, especially the necklase

  19. yauzaa looking good girlie!

  20. diggin that nail polish color , ring is pretty awesome btw!

  21. I loveee your diy necklace. and that is really funny about the brooke shields thing haha! ps i loved her brows too.. i wish i had nice brows.. i grew them in as much as possible and theyre still not thick.

  22. hahaha awesome dance moves ;) — you’re toooo cute!! we have the same phone..I hate to admitt it but i can’t live without my BB!


  23. Awesome outfit! Just found your blog and I love your photos! (:

  24. you look stunning.
    I love your black blazer and your accessories!
    omg and bulgogi looks soooo yummy! :D


  25. hey there! happened to chance upon your blog thru another. love your pictures and outfits :) *bookmarks*

  26. diy necklaces! so awesome.

  27. hey hey hey! i’m gonna be in HK on the 28th! staying for 4 days!! let’s meet! omg i want some pate and french bread from city super right now!!!! went to zara too yesterday to check out the balmain blazer but they didn’t have it wahh :(

    how’s the weather there?? i wanna know what to pack hahahaha

  28. beautiful clothes. beautiful bag.
    very stylish.


  29. ooolala loving the blazer!
    takoyaki!!!! i tried to make it, even bought the pan and everything, and didn’t know that it’s not supposed to be cooked all the way :[!!!!
    omg and i love the fringe necklace!!! yay for diys!!!
    heehee i live in northern california :D

  30. AHH THAT TAKOYAKI LOOKS SO GOOD. my nose keeps on hitting the notebook screen hmm.

    your gifs are always cute haha. reeaaally fancy that zara boyfriend blazer, wish i had the frame to wear it without looking like a tiny lesbian. whether it’s singapore or NYC, you have the best eats mmmmm

  31. This whole outfit is so well put together!!!! :)

  32. haha thank you so much! your comment made me smile… but hey, we’re asian, we should be able to pull “a few years younger than we really are” better off than most people right?! lol.’

    so really, 29 really just means you’re still 23. =D

    (and yes shoemania should exist in more places…)

  33. It’s up and everything tell all your friends to check it out and leave comments!!! and link me on your blog thanks again taevon

  34. Love your bag! And haha, that .gif is so adorable! Yea, when I had a wordpress.com blog a couple summers ago, or maybe last summer, one day I blogged about Alexandra Dupre (the hooker in the Eliot Spitzer scandal) and my stats rocketed lol.

  35. You look great!!
    And the tassle necklace you made yourself.. it is SO GOOD!

  36. i miss bulgogi! haven’t had any red meat for like 2 years now….. boo
    aimeeways, u look gorgeous in both of ur outfits and u look freaking smart! lol

  37. i just wanted to let you know that i ate a whole tray of takoyaki the other day. that is all.

  38. you look so sweet!
    oh man i miss hong kong


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