H&M sweater, Urban Outiftters scalloped shorts, Converse, Rayban Aviators and Alexander Wang Millie bag.

L-R: Chanel gold bangles, David Yurman silver bangles, DIY chain bracelet, skull bracelet, Tag Heuer Vintage watch and H&M copper knuckle ring.

So before I get to the DIY, here’s a quick few photos from today! It was so bloody flaming hot but of course I over-dressed and proceeded to sweat my way through the day. Me, Julie and Alex had a loooooooooong 3 and a half hour brunch buffet at Spasso and ate waaaaaaaaaay more than anyone ever should. So good though and so worth it. We planned to sit outside afterwards and soak up some sun but it was so flaming-omfg hot so we ended up sitting outside for a good 4 minutes. I always love taking photos out on this balcony though, HK is so awesome sometimes. Afterwards me and Julie hit up Granville Road (haven’t been here in aaaages) and I got this really awesome pleated jersey mid-calf dress that is vurrrrrry Issey Miyake-like but vurrrrrry Granville-priced, can’t wait to wear it!

This is just 3 out of the maaaaaaany plates hahahaha

Oh yah I had my hurr done! Now ten times bigger!


Remember that bright pink and orange double-sided clutch I wore to that Opening Ceremony event at Lane Crawford? Well that was a super super simple DIY that I did involving two Zara clutches and less than 10 minutes of time.

All you need is 2 contrast colour clutches (these are from Zara, but SUPER easy to make too which I’ll do another DIY for next time), Needles, Pins and thread in one of the contrasting colours.

Step 1: Open the zipper of both the clutches and pin them together below the zipper teeth but not on the leather part. You’ll be stitching along the fabric part below the zipper teeth.

Step 2: Start at one end and simply start stitching together on the fabric parts of the zipper, making sure to not sew on the leather part of the clutch.

Tip: There’s lots of different methods of stitching but here’s an easy diagram for what I did.

Here you can see the contrast stitching on the zipper. I was lucky to find a pink thread that matched the clutch almost perfectly.

Step 3: When you get to the end, just tie a good secure knot.

And now you’re done!

Feel free to email me some pictures if you’ve made one of your own!

Don’t forget Mother’s Day tomorrow and here’s an early Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there! Gonna take my mama out tomorrow and will surely take lots of pics!


  1. omg you are crazy to wear tights in this weather!! its so damn hot out!

  2. YUM at brunch! and wow at pro/nice coloured DIY clutchhh

  3. I always love it when you update your blog, I’m such a fan of it. I love the colours of your clutch too, they’re so vibrant and pretty :)

  4. hong kong always looks better through you and sha’s blogs haha. Maybe because I only ever went to kowloon city for thai food and that’s kind of scary. oh did you notice you three have enough hairstyles to start a korean band? normally they have four members though so… *cough*. haha no a trio could be refreshing. ALSO freeeeking amazing DIY, your extra animation of how the threading goes – very professional haha. xx


  5. there was suppose to be html strike out where sha’s blog is…

  6. Bernice

    love the hair and DIY clutch! :)
    so prettyyyyyy

  7. so neat man! your big hair is looking very nice and bouncy and healthy and womanly!

  8. Ah I can imagine you were pretty hot on that balcony in those tights! I need to start thinking about what I’m going to pack when I visit in a few months. Loving the new hair and ADORE that DIY Clutch, I would never have thought of doing that, clever!!

  9. That DIY clutch is a pretty nifty idea- I’ll trade you for tiramisu? hahaha. And yeah sorry when I bumped into you I was dizzy from the sun. Mb next time we meet I’ll be a little less brain damaged.

  10. NICE DIY there! :D I’m really loving all the colors in the Zara Spring lookbook.

    GAH SG has been flaming hot too. Feel like dying everytime I step outside -___-


  11. Btw Your blog is great!!! Follow you! Amazing accessories!



  12. Loving the clutch! Awesome DIY. I think I must give it a go… ;)


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