Cotton On tshirt, H&M Garden Collection rolled-up shorts, Grid sandals, Miu Miu bag and safety pin necklace.

Say Hi to my Ogre Friend!

Spike ring from Thailand, DKNY knut ring, random studded ring and Stone ring from Jewellery fair

Vintage Chanel gold bracelets, random silver cuff, panther cuff and Tag watch.

Close up of my new sandals :D

Wooo I’m posting again! I’m ACTUALLY posting something that isn’t a month or more after my previous update! Yay me :D

So these are my new sandals! I’m quite in love with them. They’re elastic so you can just slip them on and they’re quite comfy now that i’ve broken them in. Except today when I walked down a major steep-ish road/hill to get to Julie’s house and now the bottoms of my feet are in pain ):

Last Friday, we had a public holiday in Hong Kong so me and my bf took full advantage of our free time. We started out with lunch at a cute (albeit trés cher) restaurant around his apartment called La Baguette. We then ventured out to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The parks and “zoos” that we have in Hong Kong are nothing like in America. They’re really small, nothing too advance/special and the animals all seem pretty moody most of the time. Well we loved it anyways since we got to see tons of monkeys and 3 huge orangutans. We were super excited to head to the Reptile House and were extremely disappointed when the “House” was literally smaller than a NY subway car and only had 2 mini alligators and 1 big fat boa constrictor ): After the Garden, we headed back down to civilization with a quick stop at H&M to check out some pieces for my “clients” then finally taking in an Early Bird Special (hehe) dinner at MisoCool. I think this was the first perfect day that we spent together in a while <3

My lasagna bolognese: steaming hot and super good.

His GINORMOUS burger. I ate most of those fries :D

Lol, stairs leading to stairs. I looked into that and the ministairs led to a…………………………..wall.

Can you spot something?

Old man turtles!!!!!

hahahaha lemurs!

There were sharks there too!!!

Spotted this cute tool box thingie along the paths, filled with soil and some dropped flowers.

At H&M:

Amazing super pretty white dress. Too bad my bewbs would be spilling outta them ): I know, I know, I shouldn’t be complaining -___-”

Super cute leopard print sunnies! They’re slightly cat-eye-ish too. I think they were only 99hkd if anyone is interested.

At MisoCool:

Our blueberry froyo smoothie!!! Flaming good man!

God i’m so hungry right now.

Oh! Random! I was looking through a cosmetics store (SASAAA) and spotted these glittery nail polishes and it reminded me of some galaxy nail art I saw ages ago. I forgot to save the picture and I can’t remember the site I saw it on so I just kinda freestyled my own version :D This was my first time doing something fancy on my nails (well not since back when I was like 10 or 12 when I would polka dot, checkerboard or 50/50 my nails all the time) but basically all I did was use a slightly-metallic dark blue/grey base and once dry, I then used one glitter-y nail polish to paint just the half-moon side of my nails. After that part dried, I took another “looser” glitter-y one and dried the brush a bit on a piece of paper then sort of created a gradient effect towards the end of my nails.

What do you guys think? Don’t mind my disgusting cuticles (yes i bite sometimes…or use my x-acto when I’m at work haha)

Oh! another thing: here’s a close-up of those Chanel bracelets I’m wearing. They’re, of course, from my mom. She said they originally came in a group of 4 but her and one of her good friends decided to split them. Aren’t they cute? So simple and classic. She bought them about 15-18 years ago I think. Seriously, my mom has so many hidden treasures I’ve never seen before. After living with her for 24 years, last week was the first time I ever saw them! Pretty much every single bracelet I ever wear is either from my mom’s collection, or something that I made.

It’s now 2:45am, better get some rest for my achy feet for an exciting day of cycling tomorrow!


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