AA Tshirt dress, AA caridgan, random tights, Converse, Giorgio Armani satchel

Chain fringe necklace from Ninniez workshop.

F21 Ring, Sasa neon coral nailpolish


Sooooooooooo aren’t you proud of me for updating TWICE within one week!?!?! I know right!!! Even I’m amazed at myself. Well so this is what I wore the other day to work..hence the extremely boring outfit. I mostly photographed this outfit to show you guys this necklace Ninz made and to show off my bag! :

(Pictured with PB’s work shoes from Zara)

So my mom just told me this bag is 25 years old! Crazy..older than me! My mom bought it back in the 80’s and has kept it ever since! It’s a great little mini accordian satchel that has nicely aged over the years. At first I was a bit scared that the leather might just give in and fall apart on me but surprisingly, the leather is still really thick and sturdy! The only thing that puts me off is the size. You’ll mostly see me using big bags..big enough to fit my camera but since I was carrying a totebag of some clothes around that day, I thought I’d just shove my camera in there!

I think I can hear the sound of ex-Hong Kong-ers all over the world drooling right now. Vita Lemon Tea and Wong-Wong’s are the besssssssssst. Especially when you’re sooooooooo tired at work and eating is pretty much the funnest thing to do! Actually..anywhere and anytime of the day eating is still the funnest :D

Now on to my new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked these babies up at Pedder Red, which is a local Hong Kong boutique that carries brands such as Ash and some limited edition Converses. However, they mostly carry their own label, Pedder Red which is where these babies are from:

Yes that IS a water container full of marbles! How ever did you know!?

I think it’s pretty obvious where the inspiration was drawn from but to be honest, I think I’m loving these ten times more than the CSxOC or JC versions! Firstly, I love that they’re covered up with criss-cross straps. The multiple strap versions are cool too but I’m not exactly one for exposing too much of my feet/leg skin. Secondly, unlike the other versions, these come up to just above the ankle. Mid-calf is so unflattering on most people unless you’re 5’9″+ tall and have legs that are stick-thin and that never end. I, obviously, have the exact opposite of such legs so low ankle boots are much much more flattering for me. Thirdly, these are suede. I think I have a secret love for suede shoes. After a long while they get that nice rubbed off distressing and get all soft and buttery heahea. Lastly, these cost me about $1600hk (after my discount) which comes out to approx. $200us. Much more affordable than OTHER versions I’ve seen. After I’ve worn them out and gotten sick of the western-inspired buckles I plan on changing them up to some regular buckles or perhaps something crazier.

I haven’t had the time to go through all the NYFW shows yet..literally haven’t gone through a single one. But I have been keeping myself update through all the blogs. This photo of Sasha is my favourite photo of the week so far. She’s just exuding COOL.

I promised you guys a DIY didn’t I!??!?! Heaheaheah click HERE to head on over to Ladylike (my other blog about fashion/guys/DIYs/hair/makeup) to read the tutorial on how to make your own Bunny Ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to ask me any questions/comments about the tutorial incase you get a little lost!!!

I know I promised a giveaway as well..but since this post was so fast after the previous one I haven’t had time to photograph the prize! At least I gave you the DIY :D


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