On September 6th, my family celebrated the 24th anniversary of the birth of my little sister Natasha Yingshan Sexy Lai. We took her out to feast at Cafe TOO in Island Shangri-La. Cafe TOO has always been one of our families hands down favourite buffet place. We hadn’t been here in a while so it was a real treat to eat there for a special day! The food was deeelicious as expected but the only disappointment was that they didn’t have any oysters that day…damn fishermen!

Favourite dishes: mini Hainanese Chicken Rice, fresh lobster, made-to-order seared foie gras and scallops, Shanghainese station, crunchy papadums (!!) and double-boiled soup.

Salad bar!




The Double-boiled soup! I loooooove Chinese soup…and aren’t these bowls SO freaking cute and scary at the same time?

My piggeh friends


Noodle bar fully equipped with fat chef dude!

yummm dim sum! Right in the middle of the photo in the back you can kinda spot the tiny little steamers for individual siu long baos!

omg mini Hainanese chicken rice! These were like mini portions..i think the rectangular plate was only like about A5 (half of letter) paper size!


And finally ninniez’s mini birthday cake!! I forgot what we were laughing at but it was so damn funny that..

she got a tummy ache from laughing tooo hard!

Happy birthday nanz!

Buttttttttt sad news everyone, unfortunately nanz has abandoned me and stranded me here in Hong Kong. Just yesterday she flew her little tuchus off to London where she’ll be taking a fashion journalism course at Central Saint Martins while her boyfriend masters the art of people’s ugly teeth all day. I’ll be twiddling my thumbs while I wait for PLN (poor little nanz) to return to HK in December! Hopefully time will go by fast! If anyone sees her on the street there, go say hi!

TAKE CARE NANZ AND DONT TAKE THE BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. awww cute! the inside interior design looks amazing! ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  2. happy birthday to her!!! And it’s sad to hear you guys are apart, definitely hate being away from my own sister. Hope you cope well haha.

  3. lucky gal! i miss london, i dooo!! make sure she brings you back lots of awesomes chocolates and other good stuff from selfridges. but honestly there isn’t much that you can get in london that you can’t get anywhere else in the world anymore! globalisation, tsk. hope you’ve been well, d! xx

  4. Naaaaaawwwwwwwww!! I hated when my sister went on her long trips for work :( so boring without the sis huh.. Loveeee buffets! Gotta try this one the next time I’m back.

  5. Such a beautiful café! It’s going to be on my list of places to visit when I come to HK in the winter. Happy birthday to you sister!

  6. ninniez i mizz you x 1000000000000000000000000000.

    WHY CANNOT TAKE BUS???????? The mtr makes NO sense here, you have to take a gigantic elevator just to get to the train, and this gigantic elevator moves like 0.000000000000001mph.

  7. Everything looks so tasty!

  8. wahhh omg sooo goood looooove hainanese chicken rice and lobster! AHHHH! Hong Kong has so many good buffet places but in America buffet is like code word for yuck.

  9. omg this is the fanciest buffet place i’ve ever seen! ididn’t know those existed!

    hbd to your little sis and congrats on her acceptance to CSM!

  10. awww hope your sis had a good bday! and i went to shangri-la’s buffet once and ate SO MUCH i swear i looked 4 months pregnant after

  11. bummer, I know how it feels to have your sibling go faraway! CSM is gonna be such an experience for her tho :) thumbs up up up

  12. Mini Hainanese chicken rices look awesome…making me hungry omg.

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