Oh whoops whoops whoops! It’s been too long now since my last post..but I simply got caught up in work and to be completely honest with you guys, working on a new layout for the blog! I was hoping to debut it on this next post but I’m currently out in Hong Kong again for work so the big reveal has to be pushed back a post or two ):

Ah yes! Another post on Singapore! There have been so many amazing trips back to my motherland in the last few years and this one was definitely the most memorable one with my new husband, mom, sisters and my little niece all along for the ride. Our trip, as all trips should be, was planned around optimizing our meal times (and nap times for baby) and getting in a fun swim or two at the Lloyd’s Inn outdoor paddle pool. Though I used to swim a lot during highschool, I think this dip in the pool might’ve been my first time in almost 8 years or so. Thank god I had a super fun one piece from Merman Hunters to at least cover up more of my ghostly vampire pale skin.

We squeezed in plenty of time to check out some of our old and new favourite spots like Bloesem, Crateful, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Plain Vanilla (Yep all around Tiong Bahru area) and eat at our favourite hawker centers and food courts so it’s 10000% safe to say that this trip was the perfect last holiday of 2014.

OH OH OH! I’m heading to Austin, Texas for SXSW for the first time on Tuesday! ANY and ALL recommendations welcome!

Baby Nana (who is ooooobsessed with footwear, as is our whole family) had taken over wearing my Nike Benassi slides, but who can blame her? They obviously look better on her. xLeft and Right don’t mean nothing to her!

Hi Nanz and Euge!

The Sumo special ;)

UM DYING so cute

Love the shelving

My sisters! Nanz and Jeanette (and Nana!)

This little babe

THIS little babe too!

Ugh guys..

Street vendor ice cream sandwich!

Mantou crazy at Long Beach seafood!

Omg chilli crab…

SO PERFECT. Also…super missing my wedding nails!!!

Happy me! Bye!

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